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Dutch guy says hello from Auckland

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jeeron, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, my name is Jeroen (good luck with that) but going by Jay. I`m currently on a working holiday visa in NZ which expires in March next year. I`ll jump over the pond that month to say hello to Australia and stick around for at least a year. Here to guage the ozzy bike scene and hopefully find myself some usefull sites to make my life easier once I make the jump.

    I've been riding myself for 10 years (since my 18th birthday), I grew up with bikes and can't get enough of them. My dad bought a sidecar when I reached the unbelievable age of 4 and I've been going on motorcycle trips every year since that time.

    Came to NZ to do a internship to finish of my Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Did that and now it's just working and travelling and saving some money to actually go to ozzy with my bike. (shipped my baby over from NL)

    Not allowed to post links yet, so google "travelguzzi" to find my blog/website that has been way to quiet. You'll find my bikes there as well.

    My bike experience so far:
    • Learning: Honda CB250, Honda CB500
    • Previous bikes: Moto Guzzi V35 III '92, BMW R1200RT '05, Aprilia Tuono 1000 '07
    • Current bikes: Moto Guzzi Sport 1100 '95, Moto Guzzi V50 Nato '84 (my little rustbucket which is my main bike back home that I used to do about 30.000k's a year on), Moto Guzzi V50 Nato '85 (the one I shipped over and I`m travelling with), Triumph 3Ta '67 and a Suzuki GS550E (I believe late 70's model :p)
    • My dad's bikes: Moto Guzzi California 3 with sidecar, Norton Commando 850MK3, Yamaha XV750
    • My sis's bike: Suzuki GS500E

  2. Welcome to NR Jeeron from a fellow Dutchman.
  3. Thanks for the welcome, sometimes it's nice to see fellow countrymen abroad
  4. I been living in Straya for the last 10 years though.
  5. welcome aboard :]
  6. G'day Jay, quite a list of bikes you have there, Don't think 12 months will be enough to travel some of the great roads we have (y)(y)
  7. Thanks guys! And 12 months.... we`ll see :p. If I can't get a WHD for Canada I`ll just do another year of Ozzy. So far I kinda want to stay on this side of the world and Kiwi land isn't cutting it.
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