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Dutch Company creates Police presence detector

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. A Dutch company has created a product Blu-Eye which listens for the chirps of Police encrypted data transmissions and alerts the owner to Police presence. Needless to say Police are not amused.


  2. Fascinating; how soon will a mobile phone be available with this technology built in???
  3. I have speed camera alerts on my Tom Tom,I would love it on my mobile when I am on the bike.I am all for a leg up in this stuff.The number of these Red Light cameras is huge,and just so easy to slip up.
  4. According to that link, the device "monitors the frequencies of emergency services’ Tetra and Airwave radios and listens for the distinctive regular pulses sent by the radios every four seconds". The question is then, do our police use the same radio systems - would that device work for us?
  5. Could a device like this be made that picks up and counts the different chirps of mobile phones? I would imagine it to be a fairly marketable safety feature for remote driving/riding. It would be incredibly useful to know how many vehicles are within 500m and could save people from accidents similar to iclints.

    If the chirps were detectable the device could use doppler shift to tell if a vehicle was approaching from front or rear too.
  6. I don't see much point to be honest - in the city at least, at pretty much any given time you'd have dozens if not hundreds of mobiles within 500m range.