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Duro HF-918

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by lil_mike, May 28, 2011.

  1. Duro HF-918 - Good Budget Tyre

    Just done about 600km's on these new tyres so I thought I'd share my experiences with them.

    I was very sceptical about these tyres when I first got them. I've seen horrible things happen to the cheap Chinese tyres on cars, from the rubber coming off in fist sized chunks to a sidewall rupturing the whole way around. But I had it on good word from the boys at Brisbane Motorcycle Tyres that these would perform well. Apparently they are made in Taiwan too, which has a far more reputable reputation for manufacturing than China, and they are imported by Metzler. My previous tyres were a set of Dunlop's that I'm unsure of sorry. They were just a basic pair of touring tyres.

    They are a dual compound, cross-ply tyre. The only real annoyance about the design is the channel down the middle of the tyre. While it's pretty useful in the wet, on the highway it occasionally does feel a little strange. Nothing dangerous, and it's only very minute but if you had OCD it'd bug you. Otherwise it feels pretty good, enough grip to do a stoppie.

    Initial tip in is really quick I've found with the 110/70 I have. It's not very linear though, more of a sudden movement, then progressive to the outer tread. It feels stable though and I've never felt that it was going to drop too far on me.

    The grip is good. Coming from those average Dunlops onto these is a huge difference. Confidence went through the roof. I've scraped the pegs at about 70km/h coming up through Mt Glorious and there wasn't a single complaint from them. On the Spada, I really can't see myself needing much more than this. Unless you're on a racetrack, these would do the job fine for most small bikes, except maybe some of the 2-strokes and road-racers.

    Can't really comment on wear, but I've heard they should last around 15,000km so we'll see how they go. At $250 for a 110/70 and a 140/60, fitted, I'm not complaining one bit. For anyone with a small bike that is used for the odd twisty ride, these would be fine. I'd recommend them to a friend.