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Dural Caltex Servo - met you this morning?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Hey hey hey!

    Well, met some dude on a nice bike, looked like a dual purpose bike I guess, silver or black, and said I'd catch him round. And I meant it, cause it's nice to know people in my area to ride with.

    About 9:00 or 9:10 this morning (31st march) at the Dural Caltex Servo
    (just near galston road).

    Anyways, if it was you, let me know and we'll organise a ride soon.



  2. It was me. Now, when you say ride,
  3. Uh huh....

    We can go for a ride anyways, just trying to find the guy from this morning. :) don't gotta lie about it ;)

    And when I say "ride" i mean, we both ride our own motorbikes and go down some nice roads.

    If I want sex, I'll use the word sex.
  4. ahaha sorry
    i just can't open one of these threads without thinking of that brownyy one
  5. You you said sex twice. 8-[
  6. yeah just for you.
  7. wait. what?

    a gal looking for a guy on a motorcycle thread?
  8. Hey hey!!

    I think that was me!! Do you ride a yellow Triumph??
  9. :rofl:

    We need a seperate forum for this stuff... hahahaha
  10. I know where Dural is Holly. Does that count?
  11. she's a totally awesome chick and a really nice person.
    you had better be good enough for her pal.
    she could make you the luckiest man alive. don't **** it up
  12. ie: do not draw inspiration from brownys dating efforts
  13. =D>
  14. Yeah, I do. But you prob just looked at my profile pic. What sort of helmet do you wear and what did we talk about?
  15. i didn't ask to find this guy to date him! jeeze.
  16. she dose'nt want flowers and chocolates.
    she wants a nice big greasy hamburger.
    hamburgers are the way to win his chicks heart.
    she also has a thing for gladwrap, but this is a family forum soo...:bolt:
  17. You could shorten "Dural Caltex" to "Durex".

    Then you'd have a sticky thread -

  18. Now that befits the salacious tone this thread wishes to take :p
  19. It wasn't me Holly.
  20. Well in that case I wear no helmet and we didn't talk... bye! :bolt: