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Dupont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by toast, May 31, 2008.

  1. This product is quite new in Australia and therefore is hard to come by.

    As a result, I have spoken to a representative at Dupont, seeking further advice on how to purchase the product. Here is his response:

    This was in response to this email I sent:

    I was able to order one can through a local Repco store in Belconnen (ACT). Surprisingly, however, (even though I had a Repco part number from Geoffery Ong) they had never heard of the product. They charged almost $30 for the can. Since that time I have returned to the shop and discovered that their supplier has stopped supplying it!

    All those interested in purchasing the product, either to try or to obtain a regular supply, at a reasonable cost, is to email Jeffery directly. So that he (hopefully) gets the idea to start pushing the product. He needs to contact major motorcycle shops and workshops, send them samples, and then follow up), so that it gets on the shelves of our favourite motorcycle shop or workshop.

    It's always good to have options as a consumer, especially if one option is a superior product!

    So, email him, and ask him to contact your local motorcycle shop (supply a name and contact phone number or email) so that he can get them to try it. Or, ask your motorcycle shop to contact him directly and request a sample!

    Otherwise, we are gonna have to purchase it online and incurr delivery costs. I'd rather walk into my local shop and pick up a few for a reasonable price.

  2. Hmm, I'm interested in giving it a go. People on advrider.com seem to think it's one of the best chain lubes.
  3. I was looking to buy some a few months ago. There is a seller on amazon.com that has it but postage was $50au or something.
  4. what do you think would be the difference between this stuff and teflon chain lube for bicycles? (which you can find easily in any bicycle shop)
  5. I bought two cans from bla, who are shipping it to a local marine shop here in the ACT. I'll be taking it in to a couple of local motorcycle shops and suggesting they approach Geoffery for some samples. Dunno what good it will do, but worth a try.

    BTW, here is a link to the review that got me interested in the first place:
  6. Ken's Marine in Fyshwick is now stocking this item for under $25.
  7. I went on a search for this stuff in Melbourne, and finally managed to get hold of some.

    I emailed DuPont Australia and the guy (Geoffrey Ong) said that Marine Plus distribute it in Victoria and that Repco would be stocking it in about 4 weeks, so it should be easier to find soon.

    I couldn't find it on the Marine Plus website but when I called they said that any of the stores on their site can order some in, and they'll be able to tell you which should already have it.

    Doug Gandy from Marine Plus pointed me to Avante Marine (it used to be Boronia Marine, the one on Dorset Rd). So off I went and picked a can up today for $32.95. They had plenty on the shelf too.
  8. Any update on the availability of DuPonts Teflon Multi-Use Lube?

    Has Repco started stocking it?
  9. I went to Repco at Wagga Wagga today, they didn't have it on the shelf, nor their computer system and were not interested at all in trying to order any in :cry:
  10. I got 3 cans of it today. Ordered it online from http://www.bla.com.au and got it delivered to a Wagga Wagga boat shop for pickup.

    $15 a can is a bargain price!

    I applied some today to my GS500F chain, it goes on clear and drys to a clear wax like substance.

    So far so good!
  11. humm no i havent tried this new lube. although i like the aerosol can idea, would make for far easier application and stop the hands from getting all sticky.

    sorry but i lol too hard to read this thread.

    heres to never growing up! :beer:
  12. I have been using this lube now on my GS500F and my GSXR1000 and have been really impressed.

    My chains have stayed very clean and the lube has prevented the chains from rusting even though the bikes have been outside for a few weeks. The lube has also held up well after doing some long rides.

    Very happy, and will be ordering some more cans soon.

    My tip is to clean your chain really well first (I used WD-40), then apply this lube twice, two days apart to ensure a full coverage.

    Then just re-apply when you feel the need. I like to do mine at least every fortnight.
  13. My mate tried this multi-use lubricant and said it made his
    and his girlfriend's skin red and stung.
    He said they had to wash with soap for about half an hour to get it off.
    After some argument, he admitted the soap got it off after 15 minutes,
    the other 15 minutes was just for fun.

    I guess it wasn't made for use as "that" kind of lubricant... :p
  14. Sorry for the grave dig here people...
    Anyone know where you can get this in BrisVegas? Nothing on google....(except this thread). bla.com.au doesn't seem to list it anymore either.