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Dunlop Sportsmax GPA Q2 (Qualifiers 2)

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by martymil, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Dunlop Sportsmax GPR A2 (Alpha 2)

    I was sold the wrong tires so they are not qualifiers 2's but better.


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  2. Martymil, you've actually been fitted with the new GPR alpha 11, replaces the alpha 10 - not the Qually 2!. Different tyre, different tread pattern...actually not even sure if it should be on an R1! Dunlop say the alpha 10 are for small to medium sized bikes.

    Needless to say, if it were the Qualifier 2, it would that name on the side of it.

    I followed up Dunlop a few weeks ago as to when the Qually 2 would come, they said Oz are getting US made ones, limited sizes, with the first batches being made, maybe Oct.
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  4. Well what do you think of the GPRA11 on the R1?
  5. First impressions on fast corners this tyre is so stable and so confidence inspiring that I was able to push my bike beyond what I'm use to on the oem qualifiers with ease.

    What really impressed me when I got caught in the rain and I came around this one corner where the was a stream of muddy slurry right across the road while I was at a quite significant lean. What happend next is what really suprised me the tyres wingled a little but remained planted, I thought for sure I was going off the side of this mountain but I'm still here.

    This tyre saved my life today and is so sticky in the wet its beyond my belief.

    I've ridden on a lot of tyres over the years but nothing like this one.

    I've done around 800 km so far and the tyre still looks like new.

    Maybe when it stops raining I'll be able to push them a fair bit harder, but for now the rain and wet surface test, it passed with flying colors.

    Where the road was dry the tyres felt very solid and planted, no sign of wheel spin like the oem ones and when under heavy acceleration on drive out the tyre gives heaps of feedback and you can feel it starting to loose grip but you can still push further and the tyre is still not letting go just more tyre chatter.

    I wasn't going to push them any further today as the surface was still a little damp and it was cold so I wasn't getting the tyres up to proper temprature.

    So far so good, for now its the only tyre I'll use on the street.

    I'm a decent rider but would love for a pro to take them out and give us some feedback on the track, I give this tyre 9/10 as it takes them a little longer to scrub in than most tyres.

    This was a post on another forum from sunday
  6. Thanks for the thoughts Martymils.
    Haven't been 100% happy with the oem Qualifiers that came with mine especially in the wet, and they're due for a change after only 4000k.
    Might make the switch as well.
  7. It will be the best investment, these tyres are the best I've ridden on.
  8. Interesting to hear your thoughts, but given all of your 4 posts have been about this tyre.. skeptical.
  9. The oem D210 qualifiers on the R1 are the worst tyre I've ever ridden on. Won't go into the detail here but just google it.
    I run GPR-a10 on the RGV both street and track. Find them fantastic.
    I'm keen to try the new a11 on the R1. I got rid of the oem after 400km. They're simply dangerous. I love Dunlops as the profile suits my riding style and was never comfortable with Mich but had to go for PP2 for road and Power Race for the track.

    The a11's look well priced, I'll get a set next time around and see what they're like.
    Have a track day at PI on cup day so I should get 3 sessions out of the Pilot Race before I swap em over for the Dunlops. Wonder if Madaz has em yet?

    How much did you pay for em?
  10. Dunlop sales rep? :-k
  11. I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but (given the confusion before the OP was edited), would any rep get THAT confused about the product?
  12. Well he's had you fooled, it's all part of a well conceived marketing ploy :wink:
  13. Sales rep lol

    If you knew me you wouldn't be saying that LOL.

    I paid 580 fitted from mca aurburn