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Dunlop SportSmarts - less tread depth now?

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by arc, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I never measured the depth on these but I was getting ~7k kms out of a set (~10+ sets), now I'm getting 3.5k kms from a rear before it needs replacing, that's at least 3k kms less than I was getting out of them.

    Has Dunlop changed the tread depth?

  2. I'm on about 10K out of my rear with a pfftenth left to go; put it on maybe 9 months ago. Don't know if they've changed the compound since then...

    Has your riding changed? Done some more track days / spirited trips?
  3. Spirited!!! I think his rides down the shops for milk are considered "spirited"
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  4. mine are crap too , at 4k they were stuffed front and rear and im a conservative rider . never again , to much $$$ per km
  5. I had Dunlop Q2's and bridgstone before that and both were shot after 6k. I couldn't sustain that rate of wear on my wallet so I did some research and found good feedback on the Michelin road pilot 2. So I tried them and couldn't be more happy. The reason has done 12k and going strong. I commute on my bike everyday so needed something that would last a while but also give me performance on my weekend rides. This tyre is the goods. I think it's been superseded now by the road pilot 3.
  6. rear shock absorber must be due for attention by now
  7. Just put pilot 3's on bike yesterday. Even riding from shop to home, 2 minute ride I could already notice the difference. How convenient that I have rest of week off so can happily scrub them in which I plan to do today. Got these as I commute daily too and with the dual compound it seemed to be the best option for me. Had the Gsr750 since Feb, got about 8000 ks out of the original tyres, but with daily commuting rear had squared off a bit. Plus I think I'm a bit conservative on the twisties, not that I had massive strips or anything. After 6 months on the Gsr now feeling pretty well bonded and comfortable so looking forward to seeing what difference there tyres make. Can do a review later if anyone's interested in my opinion. Still a new rider with 2 years in the saddle (of the engine kind). Cheers.
  8. Arc, are you commuting on these tyres? Has the compound become softer??

    Generally speaking, sports tyres are designed to wear, that's how they provide grip - by always presenting fresh rubber to the surface (contact patch shear forces remove the cooked surface layer). This means they are expensive tyres to commute on!

    PR3, Diablo strada's, Metzler M3's would be better choices if there's much more commuting than scratching going on. Going for a scratch on squared off sports tyres sucks balls.
  9. Have you switched from the Sportmax Q2's to the Sportsmart Sportmax's?

    It's not confusing at all, Dunlop :rolleyes:
  10. Zero commuting (seriously)...11k kms == BT16 x1 set, Dunlop Sportsmarts x2 sets.

    Previous Gen 4 ZX-10R did ~65k kms and I was getting ~7k kms per set of Dunlop Sportsmarts.

    My riding style hasn't changed significantly (perhaps I'm more aggressive in the initial throttle application now), no track days (yet) on the new Gen 4. Some slight cupping on the rear, not wearing square.

    The only reason I can see for the reduced longevity is a reduction in initial tread depth on the Dunlops...

  11. Received an email from Goodyear:

    Responding, will advise reply.

    I think it's the pressures I've been running on the road which may have contributed to excessive wear: 34F/36-8R cold.

    I've predominantly used those pressures because it's been so cold here in Vic and on a number of rides the outside air temp has been 4-9C (34F/36R) and 9-14C (34F/38R) cold. Both of the last two sets needed replacing due to rear wear in the middle of the tyres, not the sides. Front wear was fairly even. At 36/42 both tyres would be barely warm to the touch.

  12. My bike eats the center of them in the wet or on lower grip roads, they spin a little all the time, my guess is cold road/tyres it would do the same thing.
  13. that is a pretty standard pressures for fast road riding (a little high during hot summers on long runs), sounds like your riding has just improved, 3-4 thou k's was always about what i would get out of a set, it's just expensive to ride quickly ;)
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  14. Interesting!

  15. So there you have it.

    I'll run 36/42 religiously on this set and see what the mileage is like.

    Next track day I'll have the warmers at 85-90C and try 34/25 hot, last time I did Philip Island I was using 34F/36R hot at 80C off warmers with ~25C ambient air temperature. I then tried a range of temps down to 31F/32R hot.

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  16. I'm hoping to get 14k out of my rear, but that's mostly boring commuting on the hard-compound centre section of the tyre. I think if I spent a week in Tassie, I'd be happy with 4k coz I'd be trying to avoid straight and boring whenever possible!
  17. I'm at 18k on my Trailwings! Talk about economical! And I can chuck it round. I remember changing my rear tyre on my old Gizzer every two months... Ever 2 fkn months! Fark...
    Not that has anything to do with sportsbike tyres...

    But suck on that!

    Har Har!
  18. yes the sportsmarts really do like low rear pressures when riding fast, you should get alot more drive off the turns with the lower pressure and better wear characteristics.
  19. Hehehehehe :D and I think that's the final word on this topic :applause: