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Dunlop Sportmax Sportsmart

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by jlyon9, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. So I've had these for about 4k now and thought I'd post a review.
    I'm running the 190/55/17's on my fireblade.
    Initially, I did not like this tyre at ALL. My old bike was a 600rr and I ran Pirelli Angels and I felt they were an awesome tyre for what I was doing - daily commute + occasional track day. I never worried about grip on them even in the rain.
    These Sportsmarts I feel, on the street, take a long time to warm up. And until theyre good to go, they feel VERRY..slippy.
    However, I'm also not used to the amount of wheelspin im getting on the thou so that has to be factored into this review as well.
    They are ok in the wet, but as I am not as confident on the tyre as the angels, it transfers to all conditions.
    One thing I can say about the tyre is they do provide lots of feedback. And by that I mean, you can feel it slipping, a lot, but that does not necessarily mean its about to let go.

    Since running them at QR on wednesday, I have to say, I really, really enjoyed these tyres on the track. Although I purposefully limited any wheelspin coming out of corners, I could produce a very healthy acceleration roll-on from decent lean angles, and did feel very confident in doing so.

    Another thing I did notice was that my tyres were used all the way to the edge, as you can see above. On the angels, there was always a small chicken strip at the very edge of the tyre, even though I was scraping pegs quite often on the 600.

    I only scraped pegs once on wednesday, but was still able to use all of the tyre. I ran 27 psi on the track, as recommended by the QR boys, and felt very happy with the grip I had, but reading this page: http://tinyurl.com/3guh384 suggests you can run them even lower, at 21-24 psi.

    As you can also see below, after ~4000k's commuting and one track day (photo was taken after the last session), there is still plenty of tread left.

    I paid $449 (was misquoted and they had to honour the price), however was told that they retail for $529 - from team moto. I don't know if I'd pay full retail next time round. But I am tempted to if I have to.

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  2. Running these on the R6 have had a similar experience esp when cold.

    when they heat up though they are brilliant, I will be running these again
  3. well done, i have the q2 and cant fault them. u have beads of blobs on yr tyre..so either there cold when yr spinning them (showing sign of cold tearing)round corners or yr lines arent the best enterining corners, or have yr suspension set...but id pay that extra amount to have yr suspension set up...ud be surprised the diff makes
  4. top advice Moyston, thanks, I am very much a noob to the track but lovin every minute. I would say its all 3 as: 1. I dont have tyre warmers, just use two laps to warm up. 2. my lines are terrible - especially turn 3 at QR. 3. Suspension hasnt been touched by me since I got the bike. I really wouldnt know what to do with it. Cheers.
  5. Went down to brisbane motorcycles today after hearing they know their shit and Con changed these for the supercorsas I had saved away for a track day (lakeside on saturday). He told me these tyres have a kevlar belt in them and said I really shouldnt be running these on the street. In my initial review I mentioned I felt they never get warm enough on the street and this has stayed correct. Con said this is definitely true and due to the kevlar belt, and that they are very much a track oriented tyre (despite the all-rounder marketing).
    He's talked me into some Metzeler M5's which I will be trying after the track day. $400 fitted. sounds good to me and i'd be interested to try a tyre recommended by a tyre guy and not the stealership.
    On another note, these were fitted at 2000 kms and now up to 14.5, i would say there is still a good 1.5-2k left in the tyres, but i reckon its time for a change.
  6. These are the control tyre for the fx 600cc series yes ?

    I just put a pair of pre scrubbed 10 lap ex race ones on my R1 - I was told they are super sticky when they warm up but to be careful as would take a while to do so on the street
  7. interesting review given 2 threads down from this, they are getting awesome feedback
  8. Im running these too, so much more grip and feel that my old bridgstone bt016's

    You need to ride hard on them on the street to get them warmed up.
  9. The people at Lakeside, and champions ride day people in general, love them. They're probably what I should have had in the 14 today.

    The M5 front was quite good. The Z8 rear was not. It got very hot very quickly and was sliding about all over the place. Fortunately, it's a very progressive, forgiving type of slide, but a lot more grip and a tyre designed to work properly at a much higher temp would have bee a whole lot better.

    Doesn't matter - I had fun, and got to paint lots of big dark lines.
  10. Had a set on the S3 for about 2K. Agree that they are quite slippery when cold, but are fantastic when up to temperature.

    Jlyon9, now you have a few more k's on them, and are commuting daily, how are they wearing?