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Dunlop Sportmax Q2

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Bamm-Bamm, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Well the Superduke needed new tryes again and I decided to give the Dunlop Q2's a go due to positive reviews and some recommendations from friends.

    I used to be a Pilot Powers man but lately I feel a change is as good as a holiday so I have been experimenting with different brands/models of tyres. Lets face it tyre technology changes constantly, buying the same brand and not trying others is like buying a Holden/Ford because your old man had one in 1960 and it was a great car back then.

    As I said due to really positive magazine reviews and forum feedback I thought I would give the Q2's a go. The guys from 60 Degrees did a great deal and fitted them while I waited. I've done about 1000k's in the last 2 days and so far the tyres have been nothing short of outstanding!

    Hard ridden twins shred tyres , especially soft ones yet the Q2's don't tear up anywhere near as much as the Powers, BT-016's or Diablo Rosso's I have used previously. In fact after a couple of days of vigorous flogging the rear looks like I loaned my bike to my granny to ride to the shops LOL

    It will be interesting to see if I can get as good a mileage as Pilot Powers though, I usually average 5000k's out of a set of tyres, the best I have had so far is 7000 out of a set but so far these are looking good!

    Anyway tip is lovely and progressive, want to change line mid corner no problem a little more countersteering and it's a done deal. No rear slides at all, just a great predictable trye.

    So all up highly recommend if you are in the market for a new set of hoops...

  2. howmuchforaset?
  3. did you have any issues with the width of the tyre? the 160 was too wide to fit in the swingarm of my old mans kato, it measured up to be like 170mm plus.
  4. So you're saying they might last LONGER than a BT-016??? I look forward to your long-term report; I DO ride like a granny, so they might be a good next choice :LOL:.
  5. (shudder)

  6. I was going to add to my post Loz luuuurves the Dunlop:bolt:

    Slick they were $508 a set fitted and balanced, so pretty good value too


    My bike takes a 180/55/17 and it was fine...no rubbing that I'm aware of
  7. cheers i like to see what different hoops cost. thats not too bad.

    ive hated the 2 dunnies ive had but they were commuters but it comes down to that i can get bridgies much cheaper. pirelis diablo cors 2's rock as a sporty street tyre and lasted 7kk on the bueligan but are 100 more for a rear alone than the 016

    gonna see how my current two rears bt-016 and 003rs go for life. ill probably stick with em if they go ok. the rs slicks like shit on cotton unless its dirt but we will see the milage.

    nothing else comes close for price and grip if they last.
  8. how far you got on the 003rs now?
  9. fark all maybe 400km. nursing a broken hand atm. its a wide 150 on a 4.5" rim on my modified xr650r motard. it grips like no tyre ive had though
  10. ah righto, i got nearly 2000k on my 003rs's, but i'm out for a bit too with a breakage.

    bamm-bamm, is there any bad points with the q2's?
  11. good luck with that, don't know many that are getting more then about 3k out os a set of 016, nice and sticky but sux at mileage.....

    yep those dunny looks alright when we got the the toolshed on sunday afternoon
  12. None that I am aware of yet, I guess they only have to grip, give positive feedback and last a reasonable distance, they do the first 2 well, we'll see about the 3rd[-o<

    I agree with Stewy on the BT-016's, nice sticky tyres but mine were shagged at about 3800 ish k's...and that was in cooler weather, in summer I reckon you could take another 500k's off that, mine were blue from the heat cycles as it was...and thats road riding no track days
  13. well, bumping up an old thread but i just put some qualifier RR's on the R6.

    they are more track biased than the normal Q2 yes?
  14. For anyone else interested in a pair of these Dunlop Q2's and dont mind waiting. Cyclegear in the USA has them on sale for $199 a pair. They told me they would ship them to Australia for the price that USPS quotes them. So unless postage is $300 this is a great deal!
  15. Jimmy, the d209rr was a really good sports tyre the replacement gpra11 seems to have slightly less ultimate front grip and is slower to turn but is more forgiving of setup. The front I think has a smaller footprint at lean but the rear seems larger? I have only done 200Km on the gpra11 but I have a feeling they will respond well to point and shoot style riding.
  16. Moto Mummy have them at the same price and $30 shipping
  17. $30 shipping for a tyre? A full exhaust is $100 shipped to Aus (quoted by motomummy)
  18. I just got these puppies, $470 fitted, impressed thus far.
  19. That's a good local price... where!!?