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Dunlop Roadsmart - Dunlop's new sports touring tyre

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. #1 Mouth, Nov 22, 2007
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2015
    Dunlop's newest sports touring tyre - Dunlop Roadsmart - was released overseas in October. From the reviews and test read I came across via google, it's a better and faster tyre (in both the wet and dry) than it's competitors - Metzeler Roadtec Z6, Michelin Pilot Road 2, and Bridgestone BT-021. Seem's Dunlop is so happy with this tyre and it's performance!!


    Dunlop's AUS website still lists the D220ST, which the Roadsmart's are to replace and has nothing on the Roadsmart's yet!!!

    Does anyone know when these will be available in AUS? Anyone seen any Melbourne stores with them in stock?
  2. Not here yet. Not even a rumour of it here.
    I'm sure it will arrive in Australia in a little under 6 months. I'm also sure that it won't fit my bike. They still only supply D205 for that old thing :cry:
  3. I've never met a Dunlop I liked.
  4. Ditto!!!!!!!

    Horrible squirmy tyres
  5. That's quite a claim, and if true... might be interested myself...
  6. The response from Dunlop ...

  7. I much prefer tyres that 'walk' when getting close to the traction limits rather than tyres that hold on right until they let go and then let go all at once. Sure those tyres will feel more secure *until something goes wrong* but then they'll bite you.

    The 'squirming' makes it easier to read how close one is to the traction limit.

    It also makes it much easier to spin the rear tyre up on the exit from a corner :)
  8. I agree. I'm far happier with a tyre that squirms and gives feedback, than one that just lets go without any warning.
  9. +1 :grin:

  10. Thanks for posting the tyre update Mouth. :cool:

    I think I'll leave the Roadsmart's alone after being mentally scared for life by the D220's which are shocking in the wet.
  11. But but but!!! there's 5 types of rubber Cam! FIVE!! One of those types has 2 b good in the wet??? !!! :LOL:
  12. I see you two have met Mr Arrowmax......

    I really liked my D 205 on the rear of teh GTR, and also like the stock replacement K700j as well.
    Maybe the Dunlops have been developed for heavier bikes, I dunno, but I'd not describe either tyre as squirmy.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I had dunlops (D205) put on when I was in tassie and wore out my first set.

    The D205 doesn't squirm anything like as much as the stickier dunlops (which is one reason I don't like them).
  14. Spoke to Bob Jane today... they got a test set in Today and the official release of the RoadSmart is... Tomorrow! (1 February, 2008).

    I've booked in for Monday but I'm still tossing up between Pilot Powers, D205 or Roadsmart... but it seems the roadsmart might be worth a shot.

    I was quoted:

    F: 120/70 R 17 - $205
    R: 180/55 R 17 - $285

    If I get them, I'll add a bit of a review to this thread.

    EDIT: Booked in for Monday, so looks like I'll be the first person in Aus to try these out... and the first to find out if they're good or not :LOL:
  15. Well... after 2.5 hours of watching the dude at Bob Jane in Elizabeth St piss fart around, I finally have these on my bike.

    Haven't really had a chance to even scrub them in yet but you know, they feel like new tyres. Excellent grip and handling so far.

    Not really sure what else there is to say about tyres... I'll see how they go in they wet and up the spur on the weekend and report back any staggering findings.

    Otherwise happy to answer and Qs if you want to send me a PM :)

    I am also the first person in in Australia to have these tyres. Whoo! :roll:
  16. I'll be interested to see how they handle real world riding and how they wear.
    Track times mean nothing to me, nor does performance on a billiard smooth, perfectly groomed race track.
    Can you tell us, do they have more tread depth in the centre of the tyre?
    Also, photos of the tread please!

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Sounds like "I never met a beer I didn't drink" :cool:

    I used Dunflop D205's on my 1000GTR for the distance but they would not be my choice to a weekend scratcher.
  18. Yeah, they are quite deep in the middle. Also, the middle compound strip is quite thin... maybe 5cm in diameter.

    I'll take a pic when I get the chance. The pattern is almost like a cross between Qualifiers and D205.

  19. Whats the verdict?
  20. I had to put one on last friday after destroying the conti road attack l had on the rear, there weren't a lot of tyre options available in Bega. After scrubbing it in in the morning going from Bega to Tumut it actually felt really good. I've always had super soft tyres on the Duc so l was very surprised at the level of grip. Later that afternoon l rode from Khancoban to Jindabyne via the Alpine Way in torrential rain, l have never had as much confidence in a tyre in the wet as l have with the Dunlop. If you're after a touring tyre l would say give them a go.