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Dunlop Roadsmart 3?

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by CraigA, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Just wondering if anyone had any feedback on the Roadsmart 3s?

    Lots of guys and girls here using the Angel GTs or PR4 but don't see a lot of info here ( or anywhere really) for the Dunlops.

    I have used several Dunlop sports tyres over the years with mostly good results ( Q3, Sportsmarts, Alpha 12s) but never the sports tourers. Thought I might give them a run.

    Anyone tried them?

  2. Thanks basejumper. I had found this all on my own though, along with a couple of others. Actually there are 3 really good looking reviews on youtube, but they are in German, so no idea what they are actually saying! LOL

    Details are a bit slim on the ground, so was wondering if anyone here had actually tried them and can comment.
  3. Dunno about the roadsmart 3 but the roadsmart 2 were shit. Had them when I first started riding and couldn't believe the difference when I put Pilot Powers on. At the time general consensus on the net was the same as mine so maybe alot of people have stayed away.
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  4. If the 3 is anything like the 2, I wouldn't waste my cash. The 2 was shit!
  5. Thanks everyone who replied.
    I had read that the 2 was average but got the impression that the 3 was an improvement.
    Want to try them but it would be nice to hear from someone who has tried them to confirm this.
  6. When I bought my FZ1 it had Michelin pr2's on it and I hated the lack of feedback. I had no complaints about the grip wet or dry.
    I've run Dunlops on my bikes for years so I put Roadsmart 3's on it.
    Great tyre really good wet grip and the dunlop squirm before you lose traction, couldn't be happier and look like getting about 18-20000 from the rear.
    Great sport touring tyre but not recommended for track days.
    Don't forget to back your suspension off a couple of notches, the sidewall is very stiff.
    I don't know how the go on sports bikes, though. Your bike is a tad quicker than mine.

    Edit: just under 5000 on them so far, love 'em.
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  7. Thanks hawklord.
    That's the kind of thing I was hoping to hear. I had an old Gen 1 FZ1 and fitted PR2s at one stage and didn't like the feel of them either. Just wooden.

    Your bike isn't a hell of a lot slower or less powerful than mine either mate and its a little heavier. FZ1s put out very respectable numbers. Id have another.
  8. CraigACraigA Yep I love the FZ1 too.
    The problem with sports touring tyres is, if you hate them they last forever.....
  9. Yup. Awesome bike. :D

    I've PR 4's at the moment but will definitely try out the Roadsmart 3's in the next changeover.
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  10. #11 CraigA, Jul 10, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2016
    Which is why I am posting up!LOL
    Just don't want a tyre that either lacks feel of is good for half its life but turns to terrible before its done.

    Something sticky enough for fast road riding ( when its new as well as when its almost done) that is predicable, lasts longer than a Q3 and has good feel is all I am after. How hard can it be? LOL
  11. By the sounds of it, your looking for something more like a Diablo Rosso 2 or 3, or Metzeler M7RR? They'd fall in between the Q3's and a sports touring tyre wouldn't they?

    I've had the Diablo Rosso 2's before and they were a very nice tyre, I got about 10,000km out of them, although the rear was toast and should have been replaced sooner. Great feel and grip, very confidence inspiring tyre.
  12. Have tried the M7RR. Great tyre, but Metzeler are hard to get in my neck of the woods and they are also a lot dearer than the Q3 I am currently on. Lasted 7000klm, 1000km more than the Q3 did.
    If you work it out on a $ per KLM basis the M7 more expensive..

    The Rosso 3 is very likely to be a M7 with a Pirelli badge on it. Again, $ per klm I am better off with Q3s.

    I really want something that lasts longer, grippy enough for fast road riding and you can commute on without squaring off in a week. My circumstances have changed, Ill be studying full time so I don't want to fork out for tyres every 6 months. Kiddies to feed, mortgages to pay and all that!
  13. They don't after you buy a heavy high powered high torque touring bike.
    I shred road 4's, Z8 and Angel GTs in 5 k
  14. TWEETTWEET That's not a bike it's an aircraft-carrier....
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  15. Looks can be deceiving ;)
  16. I know it's not the tire you're looking at, but I've been flogging a set of PR4's on the MT09.

    I commute daily and have put a couple thousand on them so far. I pop wheelies every day, have zero chicken strips and reach the limiter every now and then in top gear.....so i'd like to think I put them through as much trauma as most bar track riding.

    I really like them. I've noticed that when pushing really hard and leaned right over there has been a couple of times where I've felt the rear "go" or move slightly (more than likely my own fault giving gas a bit early), but each time it hasn't been an issue. The bike was stable, it stood back up for the next corner without issue by maintaining a bit of throttle control. I'm pretty new to road riding (about 35,000kms under my belt) but am thinking this is the "feedback" others talk about in tires. But like I said, I'm not hugely experienced so it could be the tires are actually starting to lose it where other tires simply wouldn't.

    Have been riding in pissing down rain the last month or so and have 100% confidence in these hoops.

    Anyway, apologies for the rant if it's irrelevant.......
  17. none of these sport touring Tyres are going to stick or feel like the q3s u have ridden on before but they should last a lot longer.
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  18. Really? Lol

    I have used several different road tourers, but not for about 8 years (Z6, PR2, BT021). I'm not expecting any road touring tyre to be as good as the Q3s. That would be unrealistic.

    I just don't want to fit tyres that are going to have my front or rear skating around all over the place when half worn. I want some level of feedback and better wear than Q3s.
    Something that will instill confidence, not be a life threatening experience.
    I'm interested in what these new Dunlop's are like because everyone else just uses PR4s or Angels and you get mixed reviews about them. Some love them, some don't. I like Metzelers but not enough to pay $150-$200 a set more.
    I've had a good run with Dunlops so it is a natural transition to look at the Roadsmart 3.