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Dunlop Qualifiers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Anyone tried these tyres? Specifically the front? Reason I am asking is I am looking for a Dunlop front for my baby 400 that will last more than 3500kms. Tried a 208. Went outside the family & tried a pilot power but it only managed about the same before it was down to the wear indicators. I am quite happy with the Dunlop GPR100 rears -get good miles out of them with excellent grip & feel but looking for something that will match the rear nicely. Any ideas/experiences?

  2. Can't help you there mate - but to sidestep a bit, what do you think it is about your riding style that puts so much stress on the front tyre? I've had more than 10,000k from a front Strada...
  3. I have a D208 on the front for 6000kms now and have recently replaced the D220 on the rear with a Qualifier. Out of them all, the Qualifier is by far the stickiest and hence most quick to wear down (much like the Powers if not a little faster). The D208 sucks in terms of grip and really shows now that I have more comfort with the rear and tend to pressure the front tyre more now in cornering.

    I will soon be swapping the front D208 with a Qualifier although I am not looking for endurance but rather comfort in what joins me to the ground whilst cornering. Go the D220 if you would like a good allrounder as I did not mind that tyre.

    Regards, Nick
  4. Well, I definately don't have the power to slide the rear, so I guess I have to make do with sliding the front from time to time :LOL: :LOL: My guess is it's something to do with wieght distribution. Can probably afford to go for something a bit harder on the front but looking for a compramise between soft to touring hard. Maybe I'm looking for something that doesn't exist?
  5. The Q's have a rep of wearing very fast; two mates each only got around 3k km out of their rears.

    I only got 3,500 out of a Pilot Power on the rear but close to 5,000 out of a Dunlop D208RR (which is a diff tyre from the 208 and the 208GP).
  6. not sure about the qualifiers but i've got (i think - its dark outside right now) a bridgestone bt-010 on the front and its seen me through a couple of track days and plenty of commuting with no slippage yet. seems to wear pretty good too