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Dunlop Qualifiers

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by goz, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Ive decided to give these a try, they will get fitted on Saturday
    (hard road riding, probably 1 track day)(R6)

    Anyone else used/using these, good to hear the likes and dislikes

  2. Sweetie you wouldn't consider the 209's? IMO (is that how I say it) far superior in every way for the track. Plus I have tootled around on them on the road steed.

    Darling your Sweet 6 will reward you for it......

    Please forgive me for being so presumptuous but I recently tootled around the track on Supercorsa SP's even in one drizzle session they tickled my fancy - only minor sliding in T2 and T7
  3. ill ask when i get to the shop, i need more road than track
  4. I just got a set of Dunlop Q2’s which I’m pretty sure are the ‘new qualifiers.’ I think someone’s already done a review for them. I’ve had them for a week and am pretty happy. They tip in easily and steady. Not as much lean angle for relative speeds, so I’m working on my ugly chicken strips. I’ve heard only good things though. Apparently the longest lasting sticky road/track tyre.

    this should help
    http://www.dunlopmotorcycle.com/gallery/2010_08/ultimate/UMC_Tire Test_Aug10.pdf
  5. Just put one on the front and it feels "ok". So far so good, but I'm not totally convinced yet. I've only given it one average work out and it seemed to stick faily well, cant say that it give a lot of feedback though. Recently had the brakes done and during some testing found the front was pushing under heavy braking in a straight line. Am going to make a few small changes to the suspenders and see if that stops the pushing. If not the tyre is prolly a little too hard for me. I average 2500 to 3000 ks out of a set of tyres, road use only and no stunting.

    sorry I couldnt be any more help.
  6. I like the d209rr for road scratching, sharp handling, good grip and acceptable life. They do fall down a bit when there is laying water on the road but you have to compromise somewhere.
  7. I'm going to stick a set of these on next I think. I'm on Power Pures at the moment and like them but I pretty much only ride for recreation on the road or at the track these days so I want to go back to something that is more track focused. I previously had a set of Dunlop GPR-alpha-11s on. Anyone able to compare the Q2s to the alpha-11s? The alpha-11s were sticky but didn't last long.
  8. Well I'm going from bridgestone bt16 to dunlops, after that I'll try the pilots, time to compare them see what suits me best
  9. I tossed up between the GPA-11's purely for track. i herd you get about 3 track days from them. however, did search and did go to the Q2'S. getting fitted tuesday as have a track day friday, before that i had the power race soft and they were sticky as and was pleased with them.
  10. The Qualifier Sportmax Q2s are on my Gladius. While I have nothing else to compare them with, they have never lost traction in the dry or wet, unless I deliberately gunned the engine. Worth keeping in mind that my riding style is best classified as 'gentle'.

    Quite pleased with their performance so far, and the tread's holding up well after 5000 km.
  11. Sweetie are you talking about the GPA 211 FX control tyre or the R (road version) the difference between them is substancial and the D209's are streets (forgive the pun) ahead of both.
  12. i'm keen to try the Q2's, see what they're like compared to my D209's (my track day tyre of choice). the Q2's look like they hold up well to abuse too, going by the pics in that comparo.
  13. Ill let u know next week what they are like :)
  14. so far so good, real test is tomorrow on the Old Pac
  15. OK, so i hit the Old Pac and the chicken strips are gone, i'm impressed, not a bad tyre to ride on but probably not for everyone, i had to get used to the early tip in the tyre provides but once i got used to it, i went for hell and leather, very sticky and no slides, maybe just a few on heavy gear downs but thats part of the fun, i will try the pilot powers next and see the difference, so between the qualifiers and bt-16's, well i like them both :)
  16. Sweetie I'm interested in these - am I correct in assuming you will run with them at the track?
  17. yes i will when i get a chance, hopefully soon
  18. have you tried bridgie bt003rs, if so what do you reckon about the quali's compared with them?

    what about power ones? do they even sell them here?
  19. nah havnt tried them yet
  20. no, purely the track tyres, but ended up getting the q2 dunlops and track day this fri so we will see how they go