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Dunlop Q3, Pilot Road 3 or Pirelli Angel GT?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Noidea, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. So I had a puncture fixed on my 2007 Gixxer 750 the other day and the guys at MMMMMMMMMMMMTS tell me my tyres have gone off and need replacing.
    I only purchased the bike 2 months ago and whilst the tyres still have plenty of tread left, I've learned they are 7 years old so I'm up for a new set of hoops.
    I'm 72Kg and do mostly twisty stuff. My only commute is to the twisties however I may end up occasionally riding into work. Not planning on doing any track work as this stage either.
    So I was fully up for super soft liquorice and then people start telling me that Sports Touring tyres are now almost as good but with better life. With the dual compound they offer a great medium between grip and life so I'm looking for feedback on the Dunlop Q3, Michelin Pilot Road 3 or the Pirelli Angel GT.
    I'll never ride at 10/10ths so am I better of going to GT's.
    What sort of life should I expect out of each?

  2. Both the Michelin Pilot Road 4 or the Pirelli Angel GT are a good tire, both handle well and are good in the wet.
    Can't say with the Dunlop Q3 as I have never used them.
  3. I got ~16,000kms from PR3's

    They were 'good' for the first 5,000
    They were 'ok' for the next 5,000

    They were wooden as hell for the remainder.
  4. ive got road threes on my Daytona and they are great
    used the Q2 in the past but only got around 6k
    had a angel on the rear for a while but found it would let go under heavy acceleration when exiting corners
    woops they are pr4 on the bike now
  5. I have used PR, PR2, PR3 on my bikes over the years, PR4 (GT version) on my K1600GT. I have always had good grip in wet/dry and good service life from the PR series, that was until the PR4 on this big BMW. I chewed the front out in 8,000km and it was severely cupped, and the right side of the tyre shredded the tread sipes off very badly. The rear shredded the trailing edge of the sipes off too, but wore reasonably evenly. It's the first time I've toasted a front tyre before a rear, usually get almost 2 rears to 1 front. Very disappointed in the wear characteristics of this new Road 4.

    With that disappointment, I am now trying the Angel GT (A spec for big bikes) as people with the same bike have reported good even wear and good all round grip from them. Only have about 400km on them and in cold, damp conditions they feel good so far.

    If you use Pilot Power series on that bike, you will get good dry road grip, but they wear fast if you get happy with the fun handle.
  6. Tweet
    ive got 12k from rear and 15k from front
    but my bike is a bit lighter than yours
  7. Thats the sort of wear I'm used to with the PR2-3 on the bird. About 10k from the rear and 15k (still with a little more but cupped by that stage) from the front.
    These PR4's just shredded, and that's the GT variant. Other guys with the same bike complaining similarly. The big K bike is tyre hungry, but I am keen to see what the Angel GT "A" spec brings.
  8. What bike are you on?

    I'm on a Street Triple Baby Edition. Currently at ~13,000km on the tyres it came with (Pirelli Corsa Rosso) and they're looking fine, short of getting a bit flat in the middle on the rear (mostly just commuting these days, waiting for better weather).
    Just wondering if the "<20,000km" thing is about more torquey bikes or if I should be expecting to replace at least the rear in the next 7,000km.
  9. If you squeeze 20km out of any tyre made of rubber then you need to turn that handle on the right bar more so it doesn't just roll down hills
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  10. That was on an Aprilia Shiver

    Got some stock Dun-flops on the MT....shredding them at the moment.
  11. Thanks so much for the feedback.
    It looks like it's somewhere between the Angel GT's and the PR4.
    TWEETTWEET Do you think I'll have any issues with schredding on the Gixxer given it's lighter than the K?

  12. Pilot Road 4s are holding up beautifully on my FZ1. Wet grip is best I've ever felt, the profile is nice and high so they steer nicely, and they look barely worn after 10,000km even though I've given them a fair bit of stick. Only complaint is that they tend to stand the bike up under brakes if you need to scrub some speed off while leaned over - Bridgestones have tended to be better for me under those circumstances.

    Having said that, I'm getting PR4s fitted to my Speed Triple.
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  13. I wouldn't think the weight will be an issue, and as Loz and others have reported, they are wearing fairly well by most reports, so sure, try them. I'm just not running them again given my dismal experience on the K1600, in fact I would put a set of PR3 on my K to see how they go if I could have found a set. This new tyre has many more sipes than the previous versions, and I just don't think that suits these behemoths.

    Link to my tyre..

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  14. Thanks guys.
    Most appreciated.
  15. That tyre looks farked.

    Torn and cupped.....WTF?!
  16. Yep, only 8000km.
    The factory Z8's were changed at about the same 8000km, but I had a huge puncture in the front which required changing the tyre and I don't fcuk about trying to get every last micron of rubber off them so I just changed both F&R then however they wore very evenly and could have done another 3000ish.

    Here is the front with the huge hole in it at 7000km.

  17. Everyone is different and all have their won opinions. But after I attended a "Tyre Night" put on by Bike Biz and meeting and chatting with Peter Goddard and learning the R&D and technology Pirelli put into their tyres, I will only buy Pirelli tyres. I'm very happy with the Diablo Rosso 2's on my Z1000
  18. Surely all of the other companies put the same kind of R&D into their tyres though. I mean short of "`You'll Love Coles` Tyres for Motorcycles.".
    The Rosso Corsa's on my Street Triple can get a little slippy in the wet. This is my first bike and first set of tyres though, so I don't really have a comparison point. Figure my next set will be PR4's, seem to hear people recommending them a lot.
  19. Looks like your sold on the Michelin or Pirelli option which sound like the right choice for your criteria. From all reports, both these are great tires that seem to perform well as a sports/tourer tire. These tires generally have a harder compound which is why they get extra mileage and perform well in the wet (extra grooves and retain heat better).

    Just wanted to say the Q3 is also a exceptional tire but it is more of a sports only tire so in a different category to the other two options. The equivalent Michelin is probably the Pilot Power and Pirelli is the Rosso Corse. These tires need more heat to perform at there best which is why they often don't do as well in the wet. I've found mileage on the Q3 is better than there equivalents but unless your riding to the limits or doing track days, there is probably no advantages to any of these latter options.
  20. All the major manufacturers put in enormous effort in R&D, but its the way they go about doing things that differs. They apply different technology and different construction in many different ways. I liked the way Pirelli did their combinations, more that Michelin and Dunlop. But that's my preference. Others may find that like something else.