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Dunlop GPRA10's

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nibor, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. has anyone ridden on them?
    they are a replacement of the GPR70's.
    im looking at a set, as i've reached the limits of my VTR250, and with a few months to go before i upgrade, i want something different to play with. i do alot of km's, so i will probably wear them out pretty quickly, but it will change the lean angle and give me a bit more grip to play with i think.

    any opinions?

  2. Yes i have GPRA10s on my CBR250.

    Have done about 2000kms on them and they have about 65% life left so I expect to get around 6000kms out of them. Not very long life but thats what you get for a soft compound race tyre. I commute daily where I ride quite conservative, on weekends I like to hit the twisties and put the tyres to the test.

    Previous tyres were Dunlop Arromax, these gave me no confidence at all, especially in the wet. The A10s are sensational in all conditions, they dont take long to heat up and once hot they stick to the tarmac like nothing else. Im finding myself leaning on angles id only dream of on the Arromax and I have full confidence riding with the GPRA10s under me.

    Definately one of the best investments a 250cc rider can make is quality sticky tyres. Not cheap but worth it.
  3. ordered a pair today, hopefully have them fitted by tomorrow arvo.
    looking at about $430 fitted i think, so not cheap, but hopefully worth it.
    i ran bridgestone BT45's (battleaxe's) previously, great allround tyre for a 250, better than the stockies on the VTR, good grip in both wet and dry.
    im just to the edge of them on the rear, with about 1mm left which im not confident on using, theyre not that sticky.
    but still, 17000km from the stock tyres, about 14,000 from the BT45s if i remember, im hoping for at least 10,000 on the GPRA10s. i do 1000km a week easily, so i dont want to be buying a new set every 5 or 6 weeks...
  4. Yup awesome tyre but they don't llast ong at all. I guess that's what you get for super sticky soft tyres though. I get about 2000km out of a rear and 4000 on a front, that's regular street riding and once a week up the spurs.
    Or 2 only track days on fronts and rears. I don't know how to post a pic here to show you what they look like after a hard run, but they give great feedback when they start to slide as well, the front really squirms and talks to you before it breaks loose, and the rear just steps out a bit. All in all, a great tyre for grip but not good value for money.
    One of the other guys runs Michelins, not sure of the model, and although they don't grip as well they do last a lot longer.

  5. I ran them on my RGV250 trackbike. They only lasted 3 trackdays, but they had fantastic grip - I could easily deck the fairings/sidestand etc without any unexpected slides. When I deliberately spun the rear it was nice and controllable. Warmed up pretty quickly too, as I didn't have tyre warmers back then.
  6. im expecting a few more kays than 2000, as my VTR doesnt have the same RWHP as an RGV :LOL:
    farkn better get more kays than that!!
  7. Yeah an awesome tire. Run them on the front of my cibby. Done about 5,000km on the front, and it still looks pretty good. Have never slipped, even when I try to force it on gravel. Always confidence inspiring.

    However I'm not sure if you'll get over 10,000 kays on the rear, or anything near that TBH. They are a very soft tire.
  8. got a set, 5% off, so fitted for $432.
    im gonna have to get some good kays of these to justify another set, irrelevant of how good the grip is.

    but so far the grip is great :grin:
    they tip in so nicely too, but this might partly be due to new tyres, non-squared rear tyre.
  9. Lasting 2,000 is not so good. :(
  10. Finally found the post image button.

  11. i cant afford a new rear every 1 to 2 weeks :LOL:
  12. Nibs didn't you ask this exact same question not 12 months ago??
  13. They're great on my Spada, Although the rear is now in need of replacement it's done around 3000km.....these things don't like sitting in a straight line either, you'll end up with square rear very quickly on a freeway.
  14. yeah but that was the GPR70s, they've been superceded by the GPRA10s :p

    plus i was off for 9 months, i forgot everything and i have to learn again :LOL:
  15. ^^^ Ya doufus! :LOL:
  16. Come to think of it, I previously used BT45's. I'd probably continue to use them as they are a dual compound which is reasonably hard wearing but still sticky on the edges. Gave me about 10,000km on the rear.
  17. Hey Nibor how have they been? How many Ks so far and what sort of wear?

    I'm thinking of getting some myself, but the short lifespan's a bit of a concern; I commute daily too. Might go the bt45s again.
  18. he writes off the bike before he changes tyres, i believe
  19. that's what i did .... maybe 500km on the bt45's and bam :-(