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Dunlop GPR70 tires

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Roarin, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. Has anyone ever ridden on these tires? Any impressions in regards to grip, ease of tip in, stability whilst cranked over on the pegs etc etc etc. Not worried about tire life. And before I get all the "try this" "try that instead" replies I need an 18 inch rear (140 or 150) & matching front. Which narrows it down to these or the BT014 Bridgestones. Any comments on the 014's would be good as well. Cheers all.

  2. GPR70's are the best tyres ive ridden on. Used to run them on my NSR. Ive got BT014's on my blade now. Only been on a week or so. So far my impressions havent been great. I have yet to have the chance to get them hot so my opinion may change.

    Id go for GPRs any day of the week.
  3. Cool. Thanks for that Cowboy. I was thinking about the MZ1? Metzelers but they are a little bit too round in profile for my liking. GPR's sound like the go :D
  4. Yeah, I've also got the GPR70 on my Aprilia, they are very sticky and warm up quite quickly.

    Very forgiving tyre when your riding on the edge, very communicative tyre which wear well for a race track oriented tyre.
  5. Yep,had GPR70s on my old FZR400,were a great tyre. 8)

    As for the BT014s,they arent a bad tyre when warmed up properly,but Pilot Powers crap on them from a great height cowboy. :wink: 8)

  6. Yep, they are great tyres!!
    Used to have GPR50's and they were awesome and then when the GPR70 superseded it they were as good if not better!
    Never had a problem with mine and even tyre life was pretty damn for what is a production race tyre. Very forgiving even when cold and then super sticky when properly warmed up! Wet weather performance is pretty good too, which always surprised me.
    Turn in is good and they don't flop onto the side like you would expect.
    Stability is good as is maximum lean grip and corner speed. And if something bad starts to happen, the feedback through the bars and the forgiving nature of Dunlop rubber means you should have plenty of time to correct.
    In short, i would love another little bike with these tyres fitted, say an RS250 perhaps! Talk about cornering heaven!!
  7. Cant get powers thank to my 16 inch front rim. Thats why Im trying to convince marty to part out him viffer.... :D Marty, you reading this?
  8. I use GPR70 on my NC30 track bike. There pretty good and you can really hang off the bike with them. Run them on the track around 30psi front and 32psi rear and they will be like shit to a blanket.
  9. Cool. Thanks all. Pete, thats exactly what I am going to put them on -an NC30 but not on the track, just twisty road riding :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Just bringing this one back up because I need some advice...

    The GPR70 on my bike (the SZR660) is shagged and due for replacement. I like the tyre a lot so I'm planning to get another, BUT...the GPR70 is only rated for bikes to 400cc (according to the local shop). The alternative, for similar grip and longevity, is a Pilot Power (please add $60)

    If you can fit a GPR70 to an RGV250 (62HP) an RS250 (55HP) or an FZR400 (59HP) then my weedy 48HP shouldn't trouble the GPR70, should it? It certainly hasn't to date.
  11. Went to get GPR70's for my bike a few months ago but they were out of stock at my mechanics so I tried the Pilot Powers as was highly recommended... and I love them!! They warm up quickly, nice and sticky and not as pricey as the Metzlers :grin:

    Heard loads of good reviews about the GPR70's so I still wouldn't mind trying them...