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Dunlop GPR Alfa-11's

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by csgup1, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Hey All,

    I put my second set of the Dunlop GPR alfa 11's put on my road bike and thought I would put up my thoughts here.

    I had these tyres (GPR alfa 10's) on the 250 and they a lot of fun in the twisties at the spur. I put a set on the 600 when they came out and was expecting the same amount of fun. Fortunately I wasnt disappointed. These tyres heat up super super quick ( turn 11 at PI on lap 1 on my K2 600 I could get on the gas as hard as I dared) with enough grip to keep me entertained.

    The handling is very neutral and the hard sidewalls mean heaps of grip on the edge. My track riding has come a long way since I started out with these and I am running full slicks now doing consistent 48's around the island on my zx10 tracky. I run these on the road and havent had any dramas in the twisties at a decent road pace.

    One downside however is that if you are doing a decent pace at the track, the rear will tend to overheat on about the 4th lap as any road tyre would.

    Either way if you looking for a great all year round tyre , give these a go. Great in winter with the quick warm up and enough grip in winter.

    Btw Madaz in dandenong is doing these at the moment for $399 fitted and balanced per set (both 180 and 190 rears) and I am pretty sure they post as well.

    http://www.madaz.com.au/contact us.html

  2. Cheers for the write up.. I'm gonna give these a go!
  3. i've got a gpr12a on my ninja...

    what is the mileage like on a larger capacity bike?
  4. yeah they are up to an alpha 12 now, but probably still a good tyre. i dont reckon youd get much more than 1000-1500 if you ride hard.
  5. yeah, thats what i'm thinking... you get great mileage on a two fiddy though :D like 10k and up....
  6. i got 3 track days at philip island doing under 2 mins when i started and well over 3000 k's on the road on a 600
  7. beautiful, ^^^ thats what im looking at getting... motoheaven are also doing them for 450 fitted for a 120 front, 180 rear aswell