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Dunlop D208RR's

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by [FLUX], Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Just interested in other people's opinions of the Dunlop D208RR's.

    I had a pair of these fitted on Sunday during the SuperBike School Day (after a leaky crap cheap valve was misdiagnosed as a front tyre puncture - but I digress), and am very, very impressed.

    I had Dunlop D208GP's on the bike when I first got it, but wasn't real fussed either way with them.

    I then picked up a pair of Michelin Pilot Power's. Great grip. Great tyre life. Had 6000kms on them when they got changed, and probably had another 1500kms to go before reaching the wear indicators.

    What I didn't like about the Power's, was very occasionally they'd have what can only be described as a "dippy" feeling when getting to the edge of them. It didn't happen all the time, and I ran fairly high pressures which seemed to greatly reduce its occurrence, but it still happened from time to time.

    So I took the bike with the D208RR's out today, fresh from being scrubbed in on the track, with 38r/36f pressures, and am absolutely astounded by how good they are. They hold the road like glue, and are absolutely confidence inspiring on the edge. Not that I actually got to the edge of them, there's still about 2mm of a clean strip on each edge of the front/rear, but at a few points on the Black Spur I had the R1's pegs lightly touching down, and this is without the peg feelers attached. These are serious track/scratching tyres. You would need some rear-sets on most bikes before you found the edge of the tyre without touching bits of the bike down on the road first.

    The 208RR's were happy to be thrown on their side as hard and fast as I can manage, which on the R1 is pretty quick, but I'm working on improving my flick-in every ride.

    I really liked the Pilot Powers, but I can't fault the D208RR's from what I've experienced of them so far.

    Anyone else tried a set of the D208RR's on the road? What did you think?
  2. I have one on the back of the ZX9; it was all the bikeshop at Myrtleford had in stock, and, with a shabbily-patched hole in the rear Pirelli Dragon Corsa I set out for last year's GP on, I wasn't in a position to be choosy.

    As has been the case with every other Dunlop I've ever had on a bike other than my ZXR250, I'm thankful for the way it tears itself to shreds in any kind of spirited use, because it means I won't have to put up with the horrid thing for much longer.

    My main complaint about it is that, like, again, the rest of Dunlop's range (D207F, D208, D207GP), it needs significantly more lean angle than I'm comfortable using on the road to start generating meaningful camber thrust. I like to hang off, keep the bike relatively upright and drive around a corner on a positive throttle, the tyre's profile and deformation doing some of the steering. The 208RR rear actively fights that sort of style.

    Beyond that, they need to be run at a highish pressure to put any kind of meaningful feel into them, with the tradeoff of a wear rate not far off the Michelin Power Race I most recently ran on the ZX6.
  3. I had tried both the 208 Gp's and RR's on my previous bike (gsxr 600) and found them ok with the RR being slightly better even though I think the only difference between the 2 is tread pattern. Had some on my 1000 and hated them as much as the OEM Bridgestone's that came with the bike. I did some burn outs and turfed them (good for burnouts though!!!)

    In general I don't like Dunlop's, they do let go a lot easier then the powers and the corsas and with less predictability. My favorite by far is the Pirelli Diablo Corsa rear with a Super Corsa front. They grip like the powers but last longer. The other thing I don't like with both the dunny's and bridge's is that if you ride a powerful litre bike and ride hard on the track or twisties the things shred to pieces. (If your not going too hard they do last for ages though)

    Just curious about your praise for road holding on these things mate, what times you running at P.I??
  4. I'm a slow bastard. 1m56s best so far. Ask me again on the 7th Feb when I get to have another crack at improving that with the recent cornering training.

    Wonder why everyone gives the RR's a hard time though. They are the reference tyre for the Australian SuperSport series.

    Just to be sure we're on the same page, we're talking about the 208RR's, being the tyres that have been on the Aussie market for about 15 months now at best.
  5. You got a pic of them by chance Cathar?

    I had dunlop something's and they were crap on the road when a little drizzle hit them
  6. They look pretty much like the same tread pattern as the regular 208GP's. I wouldn't trust them in the rain either. Tread pattern looks just wrong for rain dispersal, but then again, I'm no tyre manufacturer expert.

    I couldn't say that I noticed any real difference in lean angle required for some particular corner speed. I'm as happy to hang off and drag the knee on the road as the next guy, just as I'm also happy to just rotate around the tank in a more relaxed/aggressive race-track style posture (i.e. knee touches down MUCH later). I can't say that I actively hung off yesterday though, I was focusing far more on relaxed control and hanging off tends to upset that more often than not I found.
  7. I wouldn't be worried with 156's, I only ever got to 154 with more 155's then anything else, so maybe I just ride sloppy cos I swear the dunnies didn't like being pushed and I don't know if there are multiple versions of the 208's cos before the 208's they had the 207's and the GP model of those was actually a nice tyre. Have you given the diablo corsa's and super corsas a shot before? If you ride well on the dL's you might kick ass on those!?!
  8. Well a closing update on the 208RR's.

    Was at Phillip Island on Tuesday. Got down to high 1m53's, but was still making a ton of identifiable errors. Isn't it strange? The better your times get, the less satisfied you are with what you're doing and the more that you can identify the areas that need improvement.

    Anyway, I started the day with about 5mm of tread left above the wear indicator, and by day's end the left hand side of the tyre was past the wear indicator, some spots even had no tread left at all, and about half of the rubber that used to be on the tyre was now on the edge of the tyre in huge balled chunks which must've been flinging off at a rapid rate.

    Didn't think that I was going a whole lot faster through Turn 12 on them, and in fact I don't think I was, but I had the left peg (sans peg feeler) touching down a few times and it just felt like the tyres weren't turning the bike as quickly as the Pilot Powers, but it is a little hard to judge as I was now circulating at about 6s/lap faster than I was 4 weeks ago.

    They certainly stuck well, but at times the front end got a little vague, and looking at the front tyre it was being taken right to the absolute edge of the tyre which was a little disconcerting and might explain some of the vagueness at high lean.

    Was extremely unimpressed at the rate that the rear chewed itself to pieces though.

    Overall, for the front tyre I'd say that it was very good, but vague at high lean. For the rear it was excellent, aside from the fact that it just didn't last. On a set of new tyres with an aggressive rider they'd be about ready to be replaced after a single track day if they'd be scrubbed in for about 100kms prior. That's just damn poor value IMO.

    Summary: Stick very well, crap life-span (1750kms on rear), occasional vague front-end feel when close to full lean, excellent rear tyre otherwise.

    They are a "track day" tyre in the true sense, meaning that they'll last you for a singular track day. Unless you're lapping in the low 40's at PI I just can't see myself ever buying another pair of these anytime soon. If someone gave me a pair, free, sure, I'd have them, but they are just so cost-ineffective.

    Have a new set of Metzeler Sportec M1's fitted, which are meant to be the effective equivalent of the Pirelli Diablo Corsa's, but a little stickier on the edge apparantly (multi-compound tyre).

    Will have to see how these go...