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Dumping a non believer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Not4Resale, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Yeh, fcuk em they're gonna burn in hell anyway

  2. Nah we're past that in society

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  3. Only if they pressured me to believe what they believed

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  1. Simple question would you dump your partner if they didn't believe in your god or a particular kind of god?

    How open are we to accepting others beliefs when it comes so close that it must at least encroach a bit. How open are we to allowing our kids raised in interfaith households?
  2. You can be a good and moral person without a god looking over your shoulder.
    Pressuring someone to conform would not be any gods wish. Being a good person would be.
  3. if they believed in a god(s) and preached about it id belittle them for their gullibility until they became agnostic, humanist, atheist, or pastafarian
  4. depends on how good they are in bed.
  5. I like you Geeth :LOL:
  6. What if she has a really fundie father who she looks up to and he said that we're in the end times and it's not worth her time to waste it with a non believer because they are doomed to hell anyway?
  7. Toodle-oo, thanks for the comedy fodder.
  8. my partner believes in god, she tells me how amazing i am all the time :rofl:
  9. Sounds like you're dumped anyway! Is this hypothetical or actual?
  10. Dating, it doesn't matter a bugger mostly.

    With kids.... I would be no compromise. No one is going to brainwash my little ones, even if it is my lovely but deluded god-bothering wife. Not happening.
  11. i knew this girl in college who turned ultra hardcore religious, spouting how everyone was going to hell. she ended up marrying at 18 and claimed she wasnt going to have sex with her husband until 5 years into the marriage.

    i have no idea where they are now. im half tempted to call BS on a relationship like that, that isnt mutual at all.

    when people get warped ideas like that into their head from religion, thats a problem
  12. Is she hot?
  13. Many churches will teach their adherents that, and back it up with texts about being 'unequally yoked together' with unbelievers. I've seen it work, and I've seen it not work. There's a good sampling above in this thread of the reactions of non-believing partners, particularly when there are kids around, but the reverse plays out too, with the believer sometimes feeling superior to their non-believing spouse. It's not fatal, but it's one more issue and difference, and marriage is already pretty tough. But it's no more of an issue than an inter-racial marriage, for example, and possibly easier than one across social classes if there's a large gap.
  14. Exactly how i feel about it. I think it's okay to leave them open to the idea of god but not teach the exclusivity of one. The problem in this particular persons relationship is the two people want to get married and have kids etc. but fear mongering daddy is convinced of the second coming and doesn't care how well his little baby is treated by this heathen.... :roll:

    Picture lots of crying, lots of "I can't help being afraid"'s and alot of "Stop saying my dad is delusional!".

    and my personal favourite "I sense a darkness in you". :LOL:

    Don't get me wrong, this person is the best person i've met and she is usually very open to discussion but lately her dad has put some very crazy ideas in her head and they're not very beneficial to our relationship at all.
  15. take a holiday away from the outside world, like the mountains.
  16. OP's question: no i would not.
    im an atheist myself, and im find with other people choosing to believe, just as i choose not to. i do not like people who try to force their beliefs upon others.

    saying that, if i had kids, and my wife was religious, i dont think i would want them going to church unless they wanted to. as much as she tries to convince them there is a god, i would say otherwise. and more to the point, try to inform them as much as i can of everything both religious and not, and let them make up their own mind.

    but i dont think i would have kids with a deeply religious woman, so i never get in that situation.
  17. fcuk yes!!!!!!!! :grin:

    Definitely worth a lifetime of annoying religious banter! :LOL:

    I've heard this one enough to make my head spin :roll:

    You didn't tell me you have met her! :LOL:
  18. its actual

    ive already told him in person what i think :)
  19. I think that if it's causing issues now then it would only get worse.

    Though I am wondering, why ask for this sort of help on a forum?
  20. no son . let her be :wink: