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Dumbest thing you've seen on the road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, May 2, 2007.

  1. Riding to work this morning in traffic (not that there's much our way!) and saw not one, but two people reading (one was reading the newspaper!) while driving in moving traffic, one bloke almost hit someone in the rear.

    Got me thinking, what other stoopid things have you guys seen??

  2. women doing their makeup
  3. About a year or so ago I saw a motorcyclist carrying a lenght of pvc pipe about 3 to 4 metres long while riding his BMW Dakar looking thing. :shock:

    holding it by the left hand on the handle bar and tucked up under his left arm :roll:

    dont know how far he had to go , but I wouldnt want to be near him when he wanted to turn.
    Just plane crazy :shock: :shock:
  4. when i saw my own reflection in a mirror glass building, doing courier work, carrying a huge $5000 plasma screen TV in my box, riding without a clutch cos i had to support it with one hand in city traffic... Veryy silly.
  5. I once took a 20" BMX bike to the toy run as a gift, and I was riding an old RD250LC with ropes around the frame of the bmx and carried it like a back pack. Widest RD on the road ever. No good for lane splitting.
  6. It is amazing what you see, have split past one car last year in which the driver was knitting. On the same note, i'm sure i saw an advertisment on tv the other day for a dash mounted dvd player, did anyone else see this???
    looks like an accident waiting to happen
  7. A P plate girl in her BMW talking on her mobile, changing cd whilst steering with her knees and weaving all over her lane :roll: needless to say I kept my distance from her!
  8. lol, that might have been me, i went through a phase when i was addicted to knitting and i would take it with me in peak hour - not a good idea really, come to think of it :oops:
  9. ...or the porsche cayenne with no rear view mirrors.. oh wait, that was my fault after he side swiped me, TWICE. kick, kachoonk, kick katchoonk.
  10. The 200kg man-mountain, in the middle of the road, on the Bolwell 50cc with the tyres squashed almost flat, struggling up a gentle incline only slightly faster than an unconscious wombat, with a long cue of angry drivers behind him working on their road-rage.....
  11. what, you mean other than me??????

    there's all those ones who read, add journal entries, and eat. but what about the guy with the coffee in one hand, the razor in the other, the visor flipped down for the mirror and a can of shaving cream on the dash??
  12. This was a long time ago but It's the scariest I've personally experienced. A bunch of young guys in an old ford doing about 50k over the limit going the wrong way down the road on a divided road... at the time I just thought WTF and dodged :shock:

    But in retrospect I suspect they were playing chicken... they were hanging out of the car windows.

    I rang the police when I got to Bendigo and they asked for the rego of the car... didn't sound surprised either so I suspect it'd happened before.

    I had other things on my mind at the time than looking for their rego... :roll:
  13. some ar$ehole in a ute, reversing at speed...down an offramp...in peak hour traffic :shock:

    thankfully I was 3 lanes over from the action.
  14. Alright, this is pushing it.

    A guy driving a car off the back of a car carrying-truck outside a dealership, on the lower level. He had his head sticking out the window, watching where he was going - when he smacked his head on a support beam on a trailer, knocked himself out and drove the car veeery slowly halfway off the trailer.

    Hard to explain, but had to be seen to be believed!
  15. My mates dad was reversed into on his bike by some d!ckhead who thought it would be funny to travel in reverse at speed next to his mate who was going forwards. Unfortunately it was a tray ute and cut right down his thigh leaving him with around 100 stitches in his leg.
  16. Rich prat in a Mercedes coupe turn right from the left lane of Alexandra Parade in Melbourne. It's a 4 lane each way road for those who've not driven it...

    I also regularly see people just generally off with the fairies.
  17. The cars who go tearing down the tram tracks at speed down Lygon St near the cemetery and through the safety zones (with people in them). Saw two of them and a couple of bicycles do it this morning. One of the stops had about 20 people waiting for the tram.
  18. I saw someone talking on his phone to his ear with his shoulder, while writing a message on a message pad by leaning on his steering wheel, while driving along.

    my BF once saw someone eating a bowl of cereal while driving.
  19. [​IMG]
    Was it like this?
    Pictures speak a thousand words.
  20. Late last year my mate and I saw some guys driving slowly along the road with a mattress on the roof of their car up ahead. They had obviously come back from doing a hard rubbish run and liked what they saw. On closer inspection, we could see what was happening. I couldnt resist, just had to take a photo with my phone.


    And yes that was an on-coming BMW they turned in front of.