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Dumbest reason for buying a particular bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by UDLOSE, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. I bet everyone knows of someone whos said something thats made you go :-s

    Typically theses strange reasons come from people upgrading from their LAMS bike to something big.

    I met a guy with a gixxer thou (recent model) and he starting telling me why he bought it.

    He said because he hates how all the new bikes only have one head light come on, it looks weird, the gixxer doesn't do that, thats why he chose that.

    Don't get me wrong I'm sure its a great bike, but WTF!?

  2. 90% of people who buy Harley's... They come up with many excuses but we all know its because they think it will make them look like a bikie and get chicks. Only a very few actually want a Harley for the bike and not it's name/reputation.
  3. I would probably do the same thing, I don't like how only one headlight it lit up when normal headlights are on. If I had one of those bikes I would try and get the wiring changed so both turned on at less power.

    I bought my bike because I like things that rev high.
  4. I used to have an irrational hatred of asymmetry. As a result I used to hate all bikes with the exhaust on just one side. (Which is why I looove underseat exhausts now)

    I also hate the little plastic tub reservoirs on the handlebars, I much prefer the black boxy ones.

    I hate those 'one sided' headlights as well.
  5. It wasn't the only reason, but one 'must have' for both of my bike purchases were spoked wheels.
    I just can't stand cast wheels!
  6. A guy in Perth bought a bike because he thought it would help him pull chicks
  7. :rofl:
  8. There was a guy once who bought a Honda because he thought it was reliable.
  9. Lol touche
  10. Got my GSXR thou because i like the robotic look (massive speed and the way it tips in to corners better then any other thou i tried)
  11. I bought my bike because it had a full tank of fuel
  12. I wanted a big motor.
    I wanted reliability,
    I wanted very good handling,
    I have all three in my Moped, The Blackbird.
  13. "Dumbest reason for buying a particular bike?"

    After one test ride convincing yourself one bike is better than the rest.........(I tried everything :) )
  14. used to be you bought a bike because you'd lost your drivers licence
  15. It was black and shiny?

    Ok and this too, mine has black boxes and a double headlight that looks badass.
  16. In 1974 I thought that having a trail bike that I could ride in the dirt and on the road would be a good idea, so I bought an Elsinore MT125. It was useless in the dirt and useless on the road. Without doubt the dumbest purchase I have ever made, bike or anything else.
  17. People that buy sportsbikes to commute on because it's cheaper.
  18. i knew a bloke who bought a single seater, just so he could tell his wife "sorry, you can't come on any more rides, it only came with one seat".
    little does she know he had to pay extra to get it done.
  19. One bloke I knew just soooo wanted a CX500 Turbo a few years after they came out and then flopped.

    The pop-up headlight on the Suzuki 750 Katana lured a lot of people, no doubt for the pop-up headlight. I test rode one (and still think it's a looker) but it didn't push my buttons.
  20. Buying for the resale value.