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Dumbass - abs plastic or fibreglass

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Macca1983, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. 5 weeks in and i've finally dropped my bike, only minor cosmetic issues but did get me looking for repair tuts, havent found one on here yet (I'm assuming I just havent looked hard enough yet). Very silly question how do you know if your fairing is abs plastic or fibreglass?? I have a 1996 Suzuki GSX250f Across.

    Thanks all
  2. fibreglass will be nice and rough inside, usually white and you can see the shape of the glass fibres under the resin (usually). ABS will be nice and smooth and usually black or grey in colour depending on the colour of your bike, and it will be or a more uniform thickness. ABS tends to lend itself to more complex shapes aswell, like recessed holes for screws and the like.
  3. 96 suzuki won't be fiberglass unless it has been replaced or repaired
  4. Don't think any bike comes with fibreglass fairings? Usually only used as a cheap repair after a smash.
  5. My 1987 BMW K100RS has a grp fairing. It's collosally heavy but would, at a push, punch a hole through a battleship without suffering more than superficial gelcoat cracks.

    My (14 yrs younger) R1100RT had gone to moulded ABS. Less robust but heaps lighter. Good thing too, or the bike would have generated its own little black hole :D.
  6. Quite a few bikes do, or did. They were just not Japanese.

    Not sure about taking on a battleship, but have certainly bounced my fairing off the road a few times with little more than paint damage.
  7. Across is plastic my friend.

    It's all plastic basically now i think about it, with the exception of the fuel opener thing.