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Dumb riders make it harder for all of us

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ThatOtherGuy, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. #1 ThatOtherGuy, Aug 30, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Thought this rider was going to pull around to my left and then go up between the line of slowing cars. He had other plans. Happened right outside my daughters school, luckily outside school times


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  2. That is pretty f*&king stupid. Cars backing out of driveways are bad enough when you're on the road.
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  3. **** off. Take that shit down.
  4. awesome.
    should be more of it.
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  5. That is the most awesome thing I've seen today.
    Poor, poor form publicising his rego.
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  6. Good enough for posties,good enough for me.
  7. Cock!
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  8. Footpath shortcuts are what motorcycles were made for aren't they?
  9. Not the smartest thing, though I've been tempted to do it myself...
  10. Why is there no one running after him yelling

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  11. I hope you sent this straight to ACA and TT.

    Do you really feel that righteous to put up the guys rego?

    Hope no one repays the favour when you step out normality.

    Worse thing I saw in the video was the guy in blue shorts on the yellow bike, I mean seriously who wears blue shorts on a yellow bike!
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  12. Eels supporter.
  13. wow, some of the comments confirm what I thought, motorcyclists are their own worst enemy. I suppose posting a video of a dumb rider attracts a certain element. funny how no one gets upset about shaming other road users when they endanger a moto rider, but shame a moto rider and suddenly the world is coming to an end.
  14. Dont be a wanker about it
  15. It is called a footpath for a reason.
  16. What upset me was the three idiots on bikes (including the camera bike) not filtering.

    Get cars and enjoy your commute.
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  17. Is that Blabs law is it, filter or f....k off?
  18. He didn't endanger you. You have decided that what he did was either a) against the law or b) against what you judge as right. And you have done this without knowing the circumstances regarding this guy and his actions (his house could have been on fire, he might have been busting for a shit, he could even be Jack Bauer on his way to saving the President).

    Now if it was a) we employ people to do this sort of work. If it was b) then we run a fine line of people policing people via video, and then we have no standards to measure by. So you decide that this guy is wrong and publish his rego, then the next guy decides that the guy on the bike doing 62km/h is just as dangerous and publishes his rego, etc etc etc

    Put the video up sure, but don't make it easier for them.....
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  19. It is ,if you value you life.
  20. Complete and utter tossbag.

    Tomorrow in Victoria one of the most anti-motorcycling government bodies is being called up before a parliamentary inquiry to explain themselves. This is one of the first times ever that motorcyclists are being taken seriously and their concerns are being listened to. And then asshat ****nuckle ****-faced shit-sucking tosser tool wank-brigaders pull shit like that.

    Seriously, if you enjoy riding on the roads, don't put up with that shit, and don't defend it, coz it is that sort of bullshit that takes the legs out from under the motorcycle lobby groups who are trying to fight for our survival.
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