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Dumb Questions

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Willzah, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Have you had any dumb questions asked? heres mine

    1. (clearly wearing dri-rider jacket n holding helmet) "Did you ride today??"
    2. (not wearing my gear) "Did you ride today?"
    3. (very heavy rain) "Did you ride today?"
    4. People asking what bike i have, then going oh i have no idea what bike that is or any bike for that matter.... (Why askk??/)
    5. People calling to see if it was me riding down some road (just a tad hard hearing over the wind)
  2. a good one has come up a couple of times here of late; kitted up rider orders a coffee at Maccas and the girl says 'Is that take-away?".
  3. 2. Why is that a dumb Qn? I ride everyday, I walk around the office in street clothes.
    3. Again, why is that a dumb Qn?
    4. Despite then not knowing what a ZOMGCBRZXR462 is, most people know what a cruiser (Harley), sportsbike is.
    5. It is entirely possible to hold a conversation on the mobile phone whilst riding. Some of the bluetooth headsets are pretty good now.
  4. Checkout Chick at Woolies (to fully kitted up motorcyclist): "Do you want that double bagged?"

    :? How long do you think even two plastic bags are going to last at 110km/h? :roll:
  5. Its a safe guess that she wasn't a motorcyclist, so she probably wouldn't know. Good to see that she was trying to help though by offering to double bag it.
  6. agreed... sometimes i go to the local shops on my way home from work without a backpack and i always appreciate being asked if i want double bag.

    my favourite dumb question is when you have a helmet in your hand and they ask "do you ride a motorbike"
    Oh this helmet right here? no its a new kind of handbag, looks just like the real thing doesnt it!
  7. having a bad day are we Port80, you've shot down almost all questions :LOL:
  8. No, actually having an okay day. The kids woke up after 7, I got a coffee, a pushy ride with the son and then some weights.

    The reason for my comments in this thread is actually because some people are quick to mock others without first taking the opportunity to take a look at the other side.

    If you have a look at the OP, in most cases it was another party trying to make conversation. The OP then thought silly of them for asking (what they thought) to be a silly question, but not everybody knows what the OP knows.
  9. I don't see why the heavy rain question is dumb?

    I will commute to work every day, torrential down pour or not.
  10. Im too scared to ride in rain... still a noob. plus i dun have wet weather gear
    2. you probs have somewhere to stash ur stuff at work, i dont have anywhere to stash it when im out /uni
    3. refer to 2
    4. when someone asks what bike u have, do u go "crusier" or "sportsbike"? i get asked, then i say honda cbr and they go no idea what that is
    5. i dont have a bluetooth headset, cant afford one, maybe u have one, all the riders i personally know dont own one.
  11. 2&3 If others don't know this, then it's not dumb question.
    4 I tell them I have an old CBR. If they don't know what that is I don't think it a dumb question. There's a bunch of bikes out there that I don't know about.
  12. 1. I still find this funny, even though I cop it at least twice whenever I walk around with my gear.
    2. I have a suzuki handbag, I store all my junk in that, pretty useful actually.
    3. Bit of water never hurt anyone.
    4. I just tell em its a 250 sportsbike (I know thats a bit of an oxymoron) and if they know anything about bikes, they'll ask me for more info.
    5. Never actually had a call like that, but it still annoys the hell outa me when I get a call and I'm on the bike. Especially when its an important one.
  13. You'll get there dude, it takes time and practice. I have wet weather gear but usually here in SEQ, by the time I pull over to put it on after the freak storm has hit, I'm satched anyway! So I usually leave it at home. :-w

    On my phone theres a big red button, when it's pushed the phone stops working and I don't have to worry about missed calls!! :grin:
    I ride to get away from the phone!


  14. i get "would you like a drink with that" when i go through drive thru. not the microphone one the talk face to face drive thru.

    biggest silly question i got the other day
    "do you enjoy riding"
  15. I went to work the other day, I didn't enjoy it. I did it because it is the most practical solution to my financial problem.

    Some people ride because it's a good solution to their financial situation. Therefor it's not such a dumb question.

    This thread should be named "things people have said to riders that cannot view things from another perspective".
  16. +1 mate

    Why are people so quick to try and make others out to be stupid?
  17. They might not be dumb questions but they can get repedative and annoying.
    "when are u getting a real bike?"
    "uh, as opposed to the fake bike I have now?"
    "no a real bike like a harley "
    ??? Evey time I see the guy he asks me the same thing :?

    I got a new bike the other day which isn't as quiet, one of the guys from my building came into the garage while I was warming it up
    "the other one wasn't loud enough for you?!" he exclaimed angrily
    "sorry can't hear you" I replied turning off the engine "yeah it's nice isn't it, the old one wasn't loud enough"
  18. ^^^^ hahaha good one es.

    I had a guy say to me the other day:

    Me: Your club has a lot of Yamaha 650s
    Him: Yep, pity you can't get the classic model in black
    Me: Yeh but you can get the custom model in black, and it's ever so
    slightly faster and more hardcore, although mostly exactly the same
    Him: But the custom is a girls bike...
    Me: ???????!!!?!?!?!!!??????? wtf? how do you figure? It's not like it's pink
    with flowers on...

    Can anyone enlighten me as to wtf this guy was on about?

    I have a helmet with bluetooth built in, and rechargeable battery.
    Once, a woman asked me
    "is it still safe, i mean does it protect you
    if the battery is flat? Umm, that's a dumb question isn't it"
    "Sure is, honey."
  19. +1 port80,

    I'm with you on not judging it from the other persons perspective, after all, we are an extreme minority in the community.

    Es, nice one...!
  20. jeez i was just trying to get some laughs.... you peopel over analyse everything