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Dumb question from Oldie

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Oldie, May 8, 2012.

  1. What is "Saggy Bums Club" ?

    I looked through the FAQ but it's not covered there.
  2. sounds like a club of established riders [old farts/saggy bums]
    I am guessing here.
  3. Along the lines of the "No longer look good in profile" club
  4. Excellent, thanks all.
  5. Oldie

    One thing I have discovered on Netrider - there are not many dumb questions, but you certainly get some dumb answers.
  6. Luckily there isn't a saggy boobs club...
  7. if there was it wouldn't be gender specific
  8. Nooooo....don't give Smee another chance for THAT pic
  9. I thought it was something to with Berik suits, must be wrong
  10. Or this one.... :)

  11. There goes dinner - thanks.
  12. now that is one wicked set of He-Hooters
  13. I call ban for jazzfan. That's the worst thing I ever sawed.
  14. What's the opposite of a nod? We need one of those for jazzfan.