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Dumb question - but where to from an RVF400?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Samhain, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Well, like you, I am tired of reading threads about what bike someone should or should not buy etc, but I hope someone out there with some experience understands that in a way, due to the capabilities of my current LAMS bike - a stock RVF400, I am a little puzzled about what sort of bike I should be looking to upgrade to that wont be a step back in handling.

    I am a tad ahead of myself, since I just came off my L's, but will def be upgrading the day I am able to - in 12 months.

    Criteria - ultimately I would like to stick the below:

    1. Handles equivelently in twisties to my RVF400 or better
    2. More low down power to take off with the big boys
    3. Taller so I aint so cramped
    4. south of 10k if I can get away with it. South of 14k if I can't.
    5. Age of the bike late 90s or younger

    I don't think I am keen to go to a full litre... and yeah, I ultimately of course will sit on a billion bikes when I am ready to upgrade and will ride a few about etc, though this Q is more so I can start thinking along the right lines and set myself a realistic budget...

    Thanks for your suggestions if u can be arsed :)
  2. Yeah good luck with that. The latest and greatest 600s are beaut, but they have thick rear tyres that slow the handling down - and pretty much everything with the 'grunt' you're talking about needs a fat back tyre to put the power down. Your 400 will out-handle most things on the road. Maybe an RS250?
  3. More low down power? Decent handling?
    Some of the recent 1000cc's are only 10-15kg heavier than your RVF400. They use tricks like valves in the exhaust to increase torque down low.

    Latest 600's may actually weigh less than your RVF.
  4. Yeah Loz, I was afraid someone learned like you would say something like that... which is why I am pretty well confuzzled over the whole concept of an upgrade.

    I am shit scared of buying something that handles like a brick in comparison!

    What would something like a ZX6R or a CBR600 or a GSXR 750 or an R6 or a Trumpy 675 go like in comparo do u think?
  5. What I found out when I upgraded (cbr250rr to a 06 R6) I found that the only thing I wasnt expecting was that it's more stable therefore it wasnt as willing to change direction as a 250. If I look at it the other way I get more stability and the r6 isnt anywhere near as twitchy as the 250(going around corners). The 250 I had to have a constant input to keep it going the line I wanted to go but the R6 I choose a line and when I'm setup for it it just follows it.

    Other than that everything on the R6 is better than the 250. Better throttle response, more power down low and high up, better brakes(braided lines as well), wider tires(more stability) and it goes on.

    I would go for any bike that had the same handling as a 250 but same power, brakes, etc,etc... as a >600cc bike. but I dont think it exists
  6. Triumph 675 fits all those criteria.

    1. Handling is sublime. Thought control. Weight is the same as the RVF400
    2. Monster mid-range that defies logic. Will pull cleanly through uphill hairpins in 4th from 35kph. Not even my old R1 litre bike could do that. Roll-on power per kg to the ground matches most litre bikes up to 100kph.
    3. Taller than any other 600 or even most litre bikes. This bike was built by tall Europeans, not shorter Japanese. I'm only 6' tall and yet I feel like I dwarf most any modern Jap 600/1000.
    4. Can pick up a decent low-km 2nd hand one for <$11000 private sale
    5. Started production in 2006.
  7. +1 Flux

    Regarding pt. 2, on a ride yesterday, for shits and giggles, put it into 6th at 55km/h and pinned it up a gentle slope. Instant pull, no shuddering, grinning like an idiot at that point!

    Im 6'3 and it fits like a glove for me, picked mine up for under $13,000 *pretty much* brand new.

    'nuff said.

  8. I'm similar in height to Pedrosa, probably a couple inches taller. The Daytona is really tall, I sat on one just to see how much taller it is than the ST675...
    I think I could adapt to it though, but somone my height would have to be extra careful about where they decide to stop and slow speed stuff where you may have to put a foot donw. My bike felt super high when I first got it (coming from a gpx250), but now it feels "normal".
    Another thing I hear about the Daytona is that it's a long reach to the bars. This I didn't really notice, it felt about the same as the Street but obviously lower. Some of the Japanese bikes feel like they have more of a reach, but this could be something to with the Daytona's seating position.
  9. if handling is what you want, then 600 is the way to go.

    Which 600 will depend on how comfortable you are with the different bikes.
    They all handle slightly differently and it CAN make a big difference to how it feels.
  10. Not a dumb question at all dude.

    Haven't looked at the Triumphs before but that 675 looks awesome.
  11. Correct me if i am completely wrong but;

    Just because a bike has fatter wheels, with an equivalent weight/suspension, wont it be just as capable cornering, only difference is you need to push harder to make it do what you want.

    Theres plenty of supersport 600's and 1000's out there for well under 10grand that are pretty damn capable.
    Even new there not that pricey maybe $15-16k
  12. Sounds like the latest CBR600RR would suit you. Its very nimble.
  13. Well, this was (probably) Loz's point. :)

    There's a difference between cornering capability (lateral grip, etc) and how a vehicle handles (the "feeling" and how it reacts to rider inputs).

    This intangible handling "feeling" is why I like my 22 year old MR2 sportscar so much when modern performance cars will more than likely easily out-lateral-grip me in the corners, and certainly out-accelerate me. The ancient MR2 is just more 'fun'.
  14. KTM Superduke.
    Stable.. VERY chuckable. Shitloads of Torque

    but it will cost you 14kish to get a 2nd hand one

    oh and its very high up as well. I'm 179 and I can't flat foot on it.
  15. I completely understand what you mean.
    I just wanted to point out the difference from actual handling and perceived handling. For me, more fasts through corners = better handling.

    For some easier to turn = better handling. Of course this is wrong :grin:
  16. how a bike handles comes back to the ability of the rider and the roads you are riding :)
  17. handling = ability of bike to deal with road surface variations and weight shifts due to rider input, primarily a function of the suspension being set up correctly for the rider, but also down to the rider controlling the bike smoothly. Obviously also dependent on the road quality.

    steering = ability of the bike to get into and out of a corner quickly, primarily a function of correct tyre selection and correct tyre pressures, but also comes down to basic steering geometry
  18. You're posting this up one whole year before you'll be upgrading? :|

    The RVF is a gem of a bike, and they do handle very, very nicely. There's not enough power to cheat your way around. Next time you're due for sprockets, go a few teeth up on the rear - that'll get you some more punch without robbing you of top speed (get the limiter removed when you grow up or go to the track). Add a 5mm shim to lift the rear - helps with ground clearance, and will have it turning in a fair whack better (the black bike in one of my avatar frames is my old RVF that saw me through my Ps).

    Just enjoy it, they're a lot of fun and there's not too much it can't let you learn about riding a sports bike.
  19. Oh, and to answer the question - +1 on the 675. It's everything the RVF is, but at another level. The seating position and bar/peg layout is uncannily familiar, not much bigger at all, just higher up, and if you're riding your RVF well, you'll be able to get on the Daytona and tear it up immediately. Absolutely horn engine note too.