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Dumb bike washing experience (oops)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Banga, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Well I was washing the bike and the car today thought i'd do them together to save time and what not...

    Anyways after finishing washing both vehicles me and my daughter are inspecting the well done job; then what do you know the ground got to soft underneath the bike side stand and the bike tipped over :evil:

    Damn, we had to re wash the bike and the clutch lever broke; so this now has to be replaced...

    Lesson learnt, I should have at the least put something under the side stand to prevent this, but was too dumb to do so :oops:
    At least the bike is clean, i guess

    Pics attached:

  2. Awesome item Hornet, but I couldn't resist :

    "The Parking Puck has a large cutout, bringing the business surface down to 1/2" above sea level.. "

    What if the elevation of that neighbourhood/city/suburb (etc) was , say 50ft above sea level ? It would then be MUCH more than 1/2" above sea level !
    It should read ' 1/2" above ground level '

    Nice piece of gear to have though.

    PS - Great looking clean bike Banga. Pity about your clutch lever. Upgrade time to other than OEM ? :cool:
  3. what??? no pics with bike on its side????? :twisted:
  4. I have a much simpler version which I got for FREE on the cover of a UK Motorcycle Magazine some years ago. I never leave home without it.
  5. me and a mate went to Fraser Motorcycles once on a veeeery hot day, i parked in shade, mate parked in the sun, when we came back out from browsing, mates side stand sank all the way down into the tar in carpark, couldnt believe it
  6. Lol thanks hornet, maybe time to invest in one...

    I was going to try and get aftermarket ones (sexier levers) however the only ones i can find are these on ebay and the seller is away for a couple of weeks... Thus i would be without a bike for 2 weeks, i can't wait that long :evil: lol...
    Any suggestions about where else i could get them? I do know that the RGV250 and across share the same levers don't know if that helps though...

    LOL loz,
    when the bike fell i was more like :shock:, got my dad we lifted it up straight away... Never even thought about taking any pics lol... Hopefully it don't happen again but if it does i'll take a pic
  7. even simpler is a jam jar lid :grin:

  8. Or a 95x95x3mm Sublimation coaster that I put aside to use ;)
  9. Traditionally, you're meant to stop, pull a can of Bundy & Cola from your tank-bag. Pretend you really enjoy it. Crush it and place it under your side-stand.
  10. just use a crushed coke can like oldbell does
  11. Banga,
    Read your post re sexier levers... as soon as you mentioned " and the seller is away for a couple of weeks...", I knew EXACTLY who you're referring to - just ordered something off them myself :)
    I do believe (mentioned somewhere on their site) that if you're prepared to pay an additional $5 (?), that the item/s will be shipped out ASAP...

  12. Sweet Thanks Nick,

    I just sent him an email in regards to getting gold ones... Don't like the carbon or black ones. In either case I'll buy the standard one asap and then sell it when i replace them with aftermarket ones.
    At least this way i can continue riding :LOL:
  13. Good onya mate !
    Clever thinking.. and I know VERY well what it's like to not be able to ride your bike...torture :shock:
  14. Send him an e-mail (his name is Steve) and check - I got something shipped out less than a week ago, so maybe worth checking if he is still around just in case.

    I've had a couple of minor side-stand sinking moments, including into soft footpath! Can usually scratch around for a scrap of ply or timber etc. Anything to spread the weight a bit.
  15. +1 I carry a nescafe lid in my tailbag :p
  16. You wont have any trouble with Steve. He's a good guy who has scored quite a bit of my cash over the years. He'll replace anything thats not up to scratch too.
  17. Got an email back from Steve and the only colours they have are the black and carbon look ones :( ...
    So i'll just stick to the OEM ones, i was originally hoping to get the gold or blue ones...
  18. banga just go down the road from your restuarant and just past the shopping centre on the opposite side of the road, cnr old hume highway and cavendish st is southern highlands motorcycles, gav or paul in there will order parts for any make or model of bike and have them couriered there in no time, most of the people that ride at my work use em no matter the brand of bike
  19. Thanks Wayne,

    I managed to get one from Just Roberts Motorcycles Bargo, it was on the way to work and they had them for $12...Got it today b4 i went in to the restaurant.

    Now just gotta install it and i can start riding again :grin: