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duke s2r 800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by theredbuddah, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. has anyone rode the duke s2r 800 monster?if so is it any good?i am an experienced dirt bike rider but this may be my first road bike.i am of mature age and reasonably careful.would it suit.

  2. hello to you to theredbuddah, welcome to netrider.

    sorry cant help out with the bike question, thought i'd say hello any way ;)
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  4. Read a couple of reviews of this model. The first thing that comes out of it is that it is a step up in handling from pretty much all the other Monster variants. One writer (in RPM) also suggested that it was a fitter motor than the 1000, too.
    The usual Ducati provisos apply: servicing is expensive (although not nearly as much as the 4 valvers) even though the service interval is now 10k, parts supply is iffy at times (maybe some of the regulars here can help). Reliability is getting slowly better with newer models.
  5. Well, I rode both an S2R1000 and an S2R; I decided on the extra grunt of the 1000DS motor and the better suspension of the 1k. I'm also sidegrading from sportsbikes, not stepping up. If I was coming from a learner bike or something similar with a bit of riding background, S2R would be a difficult bike to go past (assuming you can afford it; at least some second-hand ones are coming onto the market now).

    The S2R is a great bike; 800 engine is perky, the suspension, although not having a heap of adjustments is pretty good. Brakes are good, despite lowish specs. I woudln't say it was fitter than the 1000DS motor of the 1k tho.

    For reference, the M800 --> S2R lost some suspension adjustments and went to smaller and slightly less capable brakes, but gained the S*R series look (stacked cans on one side, offset stripe, seat cover unless you get S2Rdark). Price was the same as the M800. First model year was 2005.

    M1000 --> S2R1000 lost nothing, just gained the look of the S*R series, same price as the M1000. First model year was 2006.

    Servicing costs - yes, Ducati(ish). 1000km service, which is pretty much identical to the 10,000km service was $312 for my S2R1k. Intervals are 10,000km, but bear in mind every 20,000km timing belts need replacing, stuff like that. I can swallow it, because cheaper oil, better fuel economy and cheaper insurance means it's still a cheaper prospect than my previous bike (GSXR750, 2003 model).

    Reliability - less shit's gone wrong with the S2R1k than my gixxer had (which I also bought from new). They have quirks, but they're alright.

    Oh, and if you crash them - some Ducati parts prices are outrageous ($170 for a front brake lever!) but some are fcuking cheap ($19 for a brake light switch or $90 for the entire clutch cover including gasket and fitting). They crash pretty well - pillion peg hanger protects the exhausts and indicators and stuff. I never crashed the gixxer, which is disappointing because now I can't do a direct comparison :).

    The S2R has a wet slipper clutch which is awesome; light, heaps of feel, easy to use, works great. The S2R1000 has the dry clutch, noisy, heavy... works.

    In terms of recommendations, they're a good bike; ride one and see what you think.
  6. thanks guys i think i may just get one.realy appreciate the help.now to convince my presious