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Duke or Trumpy Tiger???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Doggy, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys / Girls, I'm doing some prelim looking around for bikes I've got a GS500 and can't really decide between a Duke and a Trupmy Tiger. I was looking at about $14,000 2nd hand tops. Any thoughts + or - views or things noted? I know it's like apples and oranges but I'm not looking for a comparison just a "known faults" or gee that bloody great type thing.


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  2. duke? do they look really weird and furturistic?isaw one jusut then on the way to the PO in richmond.. got a really weird top fairing and headlight setup :-O
  3. Duke's are nice, so are Multi's + the new Buell and there's another big KTM coming next year with a more supermotard focus (if you're buying new). Basically if you're into big so called 'dual sports'....you're laughing :)

    The Tiger is getting a bit long in the tooth and is due for a replacement any sec, it's also a bit top-heavy but it's not a bad bike though.

    If you're after second-hand, you might also want to consider a Strom.
  4. No choice go the Duke
    Ive got an ST4 for sale if you want it $14,000 :)
  5. If you look around real quick and hard, you could do yourself a favour and get one of the last 2004 Tigers, the ones with the wire-wheels rather than the cast-stuff. NEW !!! for not much above the $14k, on-road/ ride-away.

    Dukes are more expensive/ complicated on the service side, Tigers carry stupidly high crash and spare parts costs.
    Tigers are good fun, a bit top-heavy but agile nonetheless, suspension is a bit sus, the earlier ones are too spongy, the later ones too hard (for dirt roads anyway), hard to find a good compromise, check the relevant Yahoo newsgroups or Adventure Rider.
    Very comfy long-distance bomber, good pillioning. That triple is one sweet donk, superb.
  6. Does he mean "Duke" as in "Ducati" and if so which model, or KTM Duke (or even Superduke)?
  7. Sounds like you really like those ugly buses.... one day you'll talk me into one of those !!! :p :p :p :p
  8. Pete, Marty come on guys....looks aren't everything.

  9. Wellll, if it's like that, then....we'll get one for YOU :p :p , paint it orange or Kwaka-green and get a KLV-1000 sticker-kit from from Europe...
    just so you don't have to change brands :p :p :p
  10. Mmmmm Orange, don't look half bad when it's side-on :D
  11. There's a big distance in nearly everything between any Duke and any Trumpy, I would have thought!? And very few things polarise discussion here (I've noted) like Dukes!
    (Talk to the people who ride them, and glitch has already made a good summary)