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Duke of Audi..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Archaeon, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. German and Italian collaborations rarely end well...
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  2. Hmm. Working electrics but understeer like the old bevel-drive twins. I like it :twisted:.
  3. Italians and Germans seem to be working well with Lamborghini as audi own them as well. It might work?
  4. Oh dear...
    Perhaps this might help:
    I think that before Ducati can switch to Audi, they first need to be owned by Norton, or Triumph, or some other British marque...
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  5. What's happening with norton? Is there a distributor in Australia yet?
  6. Ritalin. And plenty of it...
  7. I'm not strong on history, but wasn't that the other way around?
  8. Oh and when Kawasaki start making aggressive bikes, then HD would help out the British?
  9. They were allies in the Great War, then fought with the axis at the beginning of WW2.
    For a while...
  10. I honestly dunno what to make of it.. I mean I can't afford either a Ducati or an R8.. But Ducati is Ducati..

    It's like Maccas buying out Subway then telling people to eat Fresh!
  11. Sold! To the man in the Audi T-shirt

    Ducati deal done, announcement expected tomorrow

  12. Baaahaha. This is very true.
  13. Re: Sold! To the man in the Audi T-shirt

    At least Ferdinand is passionate about the Duke. This should end well, the passion and flair of Duc and the technical expertise, reliability and financial might of Adui.
  14. It had to happen eventually. The American investment group selling Ducati were only ever in it for the short term, and they've done a great job of rebuilding the company.
    My only concern is that the Volkswagen/Audi group have made some big blunders in recent times and are not above gouging customers to pay for them.
  15. I invite you to name one vehicle manufacturer that doesn't gouge Australian customers ;) Every single new vehicle here is a complete ripoff.
  16. Stealth's are cheaper here than elsewhere. They are made here though.
  17. I don't see how being owned by a financially sound car company that has had success with a far more exotic Italian car company could be any worse than being owned by a private equity firm (as they are now IIRC)
  18. As with majority of acquisitions and mergers, it will only be a matter of time before the direction of Ducati engineering will be influenced by clueless suits in the company top end focused solely on profits and cost cutting.

    But if it had to be a car company to buy out Ducati, Audi is still better than Kia..

    Car makers have always had a presence in Bikes.. I mean we already have piano and lawn mower makers having a stab at it.. suppose we should be thankful that we don't have Coles or Gucci trying to enter the market :-s
  19. so how long till we have an lamborghini ducati eddition or vice versa