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Duke 748

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Can I fit a pillion on a 748?? Dumb question but it never crossed my mind before. :(

  2. Yes if you have a Biposto (Strada Variant: I believe). No if you have a Monoposto(S or R variant).
  3. Yes, but only in a miniskirt and heels.
  4. As G said yes, if it is a Strada (pre 2000), or even B model introduced in 2000. The proper S I don't think was even brought into Australia, made mainly for the American market and was midway between a B and an R, featuring 5 spoke marchesini's like the R and a few other exciting bits. But this is where it gets confusing, Most if not all post 2000 B's in Australia have an S on the compliance plate, but they are not truly!

    The giveaway is if there are footpeg brackets on the subframe, then the bike in question has a different subframe to the R or SP (pre-runner to the R. The R or SP have the monoposto subframe and cannot carry a pillion's weight even if there were footpegs added later and a biposto seat unit. I have seen an R break a subframe under the weight of a fat git carrying a huge backpack!

    The pillion ride is not uncomfortable, I have been a pillion on my bike, I hated it, but it didn't hurt.
  5. Well, my next bike is gonna be a duke..... I always wanted one, but thought it best to get a "learner bike" first. But I need something that can carry a passenger. . . . . . . Any ideas?
  6. A monster?? Super Sport?? You should ask Lil about her duke!! SHe pillions all the time!!!!!
  7. If you're thinking long distances, think ST 2/3/4 for pillion carrying. Very comfortable.
    Meh, I like the struggle of fighting with the Monster. :cool:
    And over the last few weekends I've managed to carry one of these ladies around, fairly easily: http://spaces.msn.com/gwlf/photos/?_c02_owner=1
  8. Max 2-3 hrs ride... nothing too long??
  9. I think you'll need to test ride to find the one that suits your ergonomics.
    Time for sleep. I've got to see Paul Smart and carry the models around again tomorrow and Sunday.
    Good luck in your search.
  10. Man... I'm riding.. I dont care about the pillions ergonomics. :p :p :p :p

    As long as they dont have to put their legs around their heads!!!

    Or mine :p :p :p :p :p :p
  11. I don't mind a ladies adductors about my ears.
    Pink wings make you fly... :cool:
  12. Lidonnit, you need to look at the type of riding you will do, if it is 80% commuting 20% pleasure riding (with or without pink wings, G you make me blush!) then a 748 is not the bike you want - they are not good commuting bikes. They can be pigs in traffic, they get hot and bothered and the riding position can become uncomfortable. Having said all that I am utterly besotted with my bike and can forgive it anything, especially when you find a nice piece of road and all of these negatives go away and you are left with a big grin. They are also good for touring - mine has over 50,000kms on it (I bought it new) and has been as far north as Mt Tamborine. 748’s are fine for pillioning, just find a Strada or a B. I just hate being a pillion.

    I did not step straight from a 250 onto a 748, I did the Supersport thing in the middle and found the step from the Supersport to the 748 bigger than from the 250 to the 600 supersport ie. 43hp - 600SS - 748 - 104hp, not to mention the different handling, better brakes, etc. Having said all that 104hp is nothing these days, all Japanese 600’s will blow my bike away on specs. It depends how confident you are and what kind of riding you want to do. Perhaps a 750 or 900 Supersport is the way to go, but if you love the 748’s go for it.

    Just drop me a pm if you want any more info on 748’s, having had two in the household and done a partial engine rebuild and all the servicing we are petty equipped to answer most questions and if you do think that is the way you want to go, there are questions you need to ask of a dealer or owner.
  13. You could put a pillion on a 748, but whether that person would ever talk to you again cannot be garanteed. You may even be strangled by there Gucci handbag after stopping at a cafe in St Kilda.

    The handle bars of my mountain bike would be a comfier ride. :wink:

    Look at the 1000SS, Monster Range or ST3/4 instead?

    (The above post in no way implies that all Ducati riders are latte drinking wannabes. There preference for coffee over beer proves it. I love youse all...except Scumbag :wink: )
  14. I've got the 750SS. Mrs Nodz doesn't like the pillion position. 1) The seat is slightly forward sloping, alright if you're the rider as you slide up/rest against the tank but the pillion slides forward into you, squashes you and gives her the feeling of constantly falling forward. 2) The riding position is sort of head down, bum up (not as bad as GSXR1000 or those type of sports bikes) and when leant forward to the bars, she feels like she's sort of left stuck up in the air and gets some wind buffeting. She finds herself trying to sort of shrink down to get a little protection. 3) She finds the rear peg position uncomfortable, they are a little to close the backside so she feels like she has her knees round her ears.
    This is her opinion only and she's biased, she doesn't like bikes, full stop, but she did try and give valid opinions of how she felt on the back.
    Ask Black Betty what it's like to travel as a pillion on the ST2 (I think). She travelled as Scumbag's pillion on the Bazza Sheene ride last year. I think somewhere in the region of 600 or more kilometres.
  15. Well, the only person that would be going on the bike is 47 kgs & is small.... (5'6").

    I drive my audi cage during the week and weekends are for the bike. Like going for rides at night etc etc. But really the main purpose is for just having a nice bike to ride and have fun. My girl is a Prada girl not a Gucci girl. :wink: :wink:

    So in reality... when I ride, it's 95% for fun and 5% commuting. Of that fun time, only 5 % will I have someone on the back?

    Hope this clarifies a bit.

    Do they handle well???
  16. Yes, beautifully they are very confidence inspiring even in in less than ideal circumstances ie crappy roads like The Bucketts Way in NSW. Which I rode on in 2000 and remains on my list of all time roads to not bother with again (unless they do some major roadworks). However, if your suspension isn't set up properly they can be rather piggy. Eg, whilst staying at a B & B near Mt Field in Tasmania, somebody screwed my rebound dampening all the way down, I think one of the owner's kids did it - saw them near my bike the morning we checked out. I then attempted to do the Lake Gordon/Pedder Road very bumpy, the bike would normally have been fine with it, but as a result of unauthorised adjustment became almost impossible to ride.
  17. Gucci...Prada...Beautiful soft Italian leather.

    Both bags will feel sensationally smooth and silky on your skin as they are tightened around your neck. I am sure the brand of handbag will become irrelavant as you start to loose concience. I may be peace of mind for you to know you are being strangled by the best.. :wink:

    On a serious note, the type of riding you will be doing will suit this bike very well. I am looking at a similar model for my future bike in 6 motnhs time. I just hope they have enough mumbo for me, but I will test ride one soon I hope.

    Good luck with your search mate. :grin:
  18. The 748 like it's big brother handles fantastically (they're basically identical bikes except for the engine capacity). Sadly the earlier models don't have the power to pull the skin off a custard. They're about 80hp at peak and heavy (around 210 wet). Personally I wouldn't bother with one, I'd go straight for the 916. Especially if you're looking at putting someone on the back.
  19. LOL @ "skin off a custard"

    I'll be stealing that one for later, thank you sir!

  20. Hehehe. Thanks for feedback... I was really hoping I could carry a pillion on it, even if it's only a little bit of the time. Sometimes it's just nice to take the girl on the back and blast away for a little bit.