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Duke 390

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Tanksie, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. I have decided to sell my 2013 Hysosung GT 250 because it is shit and on fire.

    So after much deliberation, testing and budget analyzing I have decided to purchase a new KTM Duke 390. I was looking at a few other bikes such as the V Star 650 (I am not old enough to retire) RC390( wouldn't want to live with it) Street triple ( OMG it's a beast but very pricey to own and run) and the SR 400 (I don't wear chinos) but in the end I have decided the KTM has the best bang for my buck. It's as light as a feather and rides like thunder.

    Will post pics when I pick it up (hopefully tomorrow, maybe Tuesday) and I look forward to riding my new baby around town and up the mountain!

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  2. I understand the first reason......... the second needs a little explanation.

    The little Duke will be a whole heap of fun in comparison.
  3. Well, it may not be on fire. Hard to tell under all the shit
  4. Can't go wrong with a Duke!
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  5. Whats it like to live with?
  6. Good choice...i have the 200 and it's pretty fun. I can only imagine the 390 would be more fun having the extra kw.
  7. Brilliant bike really! Very agile around town, more than enough grunt to stay with other bigger machines when doing a putty rd 'near the speed limit' run, awesome little track weapon as well. Yet, docile and controllable enough for a beginner to find their feet when starting out.

    I've thrown a lot at the 'little' Duke and she keeps on screaming for more!

    Pics from this weekend at Eastern Creek


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  8. Like GeorgeOGeorgeO I've thrown a lot at my 390 Duke and it just keeps asking for more. Its an absolute commuter weapon, so light with plenty enough power to do the slog and have a blast at the same time. Should be day and night difference from your 250 Hyoshit too, so enjoy when you get it and do report back!

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  9. Deposit paid, discounts made! My only gripe is that ordering a mat black fairing kit was 850+ delivery!!!!! (though I was able to knock about $600 off in the end with the promise of cash) You shouldn't have to pay to not have the brand plastered across the bike!
  10. It would have been cheaper to pull of the stickers yourself and stick on some vinyls yourself - or some carbon fibre look vinyl. - congrats on the purchase. Which dealer?
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  11. If matte black is your thing then you'll have to pay, but to remove branding is as simple as peeling off stickers on this bike.
  12. Matte black is my thing. So I was a little miffed, but I'll live.

    The dealer is the dirt bike factory in Wollongong.
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  13. I have my machine, and it is SEXY in plain black and orange!!! Will post pics soon!
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  14. Looking forward to seeing them
  15. Congrats!
  16. It is unbelievable how much better it looks in plain black. Also got a fender eliminator because of course.
  17. Order the Power parts comfort seat. Trust me on this.
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  18. baby dukes are cute. can't go wrong with one
  19. TanksieTanksie.....how'd you go getting pics of the matte black setup? Keen to see what it looks like
  20. Not taken any yet:-O:-O:-O:-O