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Duke 390 or CB500f

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ssadam, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. So I've been looking at a new lams bike to replace my trusty c,b125e and I think have narrowed it down to these two. I want a new bike not second hand as the pricing discount just doesn't seem to be there. I need it to be able to make the trip from Sydney to Nowra without any issues or hassles. I have test ridden both of these and love them both. Honda have a special on the 500f of $800 off but its a big heavier bike . The ktm is fun to ride but being 50i winded if its too flashy for me? I'm interested in others thoughts on which is best bike for a mixture of Hwy and commuter riding as well as which retains value the best. Thoughts?

  2. dont worry too much about the weight as you will get used to it. me personally i would look at servicing costs and reliability. honda would win in my eyes
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    Sorry, but downright ugly in orange or batshit boring with wings on either side...what a choice to make.

    Looked after properly the KTM would offer significantly better suspension and lighter weight ( handling ) given the quality components it has and as a result probably a far more entertaining ride than the white goods on wheels.

    resale value ??? purchased new is always going to suffer the biggest hit when it comes to resale..

    look at it this way,
    the amount you loose between purchase and resale is the cost of ownership. Amount / number of years = cost of ownership per year....is that number acceptable or too high for ones tastes ??

    Personally I was toying with the idea of a KTM RC390 for a toy, but on realizing that the model imported has lost all the fruit ( ie quality adjustable suspension, bars, pegs etc ) in the transition from the rookies cup bikes / RC390Cup race bike to a road bike, my interest has somewhat waned.....bean counters lose another sale :mad:
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  4. For servicing I hear the honda has valves every 5000 but the 390 might not be better

    Its a pity the 390 lost its point. No one wants a 12k 390 though
  5. 5000ks for valves ehh. Love that Honda reliability.
  6. My honda needs valve checks at 1000. But mine werent out whem i looked
  7. Yes, the bike is too flashy for you. You need to be at least 55 to own such a bike.
  8. Get the 390, I have one and its a cracker, valves at 1st service, then every 10,000. If you want it a bit more subdued, get the black one? The orange frame and wheels grow on you if that's not your thing. Who cares anyway? It's a bike, they're always going to stand out. Commuting, there's few out there that'll beat it, and it can do a relaxed cruise on the highway if you want to. Plenty of options on it too, if you want to accessorise.
  9. If you don't want to be stared at, stopped, and have people admiring your bike, then don't get the Duke.

    Nothing about the KTM is boring. It shouts excitement.

    The Honda is just another good reliable Honda. Enough said.
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  10. Thanks guys! I wonder if ktm ever have specials on their bikes like honda do ?
  11. The ktm being a new model wont be discounted till next year, if then. If you want it now, youll have to pay.
  12. Thirty seconds on the web confirms that the Honda's valve checks are every 24,000km. In common with most makes. Boring? Hardly. It takes an unmotivated rider to make a bike boring.
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  13. if you are talking about the ktm well I am under 55 (just lol).....
    they are an excellent commuter bike, learner bike and just fun....
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  14. Given it has 12k service intervals, nup, even then its not valves every time.
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    One of the NR members has had a 390 break a conrod after about 1000km of puttering around (ie: not pushing it). His dealer said they've seen it at least twice before. Given the lack of time that the 390 has been out, and how few would have been sold in the general area of that dealer, this is very bad news. Personally, I wouldn't go near one!

    So, my money would be spent on the Honda.

    Edit: here's the thread...

    1000k service done, now she won't fire
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  16. I bent the conrod on my 250. Tearing the engine to bits. (My fault thou :p) But normally honda engines are bulletproof. (until you start messing about with them)
  17. all bikes can sometimes stuff up and like cars, some people get lemons. We bought a Subaru, new, back in 2002 and it used oil from day one! Subaru wouldn't have a bar of it. Also @186k the gearbox was going.....so you never know
  18. How the heck did you do that? Let me guess... When splitting the cylinder borrs from the lower crankcase, you tried to prize it off end for end (ie: from one end of the crank toward the other) instead of across the crankshaft (in the direction where the whole lot will flop around)?