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Duke 390 Love

Discussion in 'Naked' started by dukenukem, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. I know there's a few of us here. Let's see it and what have you done to it?

    I'll kick off.

    Akra exhaust and tail tidy so far.

    Also got the powerparts crash bars.


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  2. #3 adarek, Oct 27, 2014
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    Nothing realy ...Isaw camera on steering bar and over 4000km/it is my work horse/commuting bike.
  3. I'm pretty sure Rossi or Marques could wheelie anything, even power wheelie the Duke out of corners!
  4. IMG_0819.JPG

    Powerparts crash bars
    Fugly bit highly practical Powerparts rear topbox and mounting bracket
    powerparts Gel seat (best upgrade ever - not shown)
    powerparts bigger front windshield
    Orange KTM clutch and break levers (not shown)
    Fixed Orange front pegs
    Orange rear spools
    Removed rear passenger foot rests

    No plans for an upgraded exhaust - like the clean lines

    Next mod - R&G fender eliminator when the finances allow - busy building a house.
  5. Mine is ever so slightly modded, an ongoing project, so it'll keep on changing over time.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bigger Windshield
    Aluminium Handguards
    Heated Grips
    Electrical Outlet Kit
    Alarm System
    Tank Protection Pad
    Tank Grip Stickers
    Crash Pads Front
    Crash Pads Rear
    Crash Bars
    R&G Tail Tidy
    Anodised Brake Reservoir Cap Front
    Anodised Brake Reservoir Cap Rear
    DNA Air Filter
    PowerTronic Piggyback ECU
    Philips MotoVision H4 Headlight
    Single Seat Conversion
    Reverse Retro Bar End Mirrors
    LED DRLs with an on-off switch

    Pillion Footrests
    Pillion Grab-handles
    Pillion Seat
    Standard Mirrors
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  6. Reminds me I need to get the DNA filter soon
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  7. Just a tank bag, bar end mirrors, bigger screen, riderscan and sharper throttle control mod. Its only my commuter but damn these little 390s are fun.
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  8. This thread needs some action!

    malJohannmalJohann - where did you get your R&G tailtidy from?
  9. On recommendation from the salesman at Peter Steven's, fitted as a part of the sale. Having had a look at others' though, I would go for the EvoTech one if I had to do it again, the build quality seems better.

    There's also these:
  10. duke64.
    Barkbusters, crash bars, tail tidy, crash pads, stainless steel chain guard, heated grips and removed pillion foot pegs
    Not too worried about exhaust....:)
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  11. Looks tip top
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  12. My poor duke is feeling unloved tonight... Kicked out onto the front porch by the new cage in the garage. Very sad :sick:
  13. Mine is feeling the same, not from being kicked out but from lack of use :(.....here is hoping the rain goes away by the weekend!
    Oh, have put a radiator guard on her and a DNA filter......anyone else put one of those in theirs? It seems to have given her a bit more braaaap :) or it might just be my imagination.......
  14. Anybody add any luggage / carriers / paniers?

    Just did the R&G tailtidy in Dec, custom plate (KT 390) and some rim stickers

    caz64caz64 - planning on some barkbusters next. Might try the DNA filter as well.
  15. I do, what you're hearing is induction noise and deeper harmonics from the air box.
  16. Hi GeorgeOGeorgeO,

    The only luggage I've had is the Powerparts tank bag.

    It's a good size - I can fit my 1 piece wet weather over suit in (rolled up tight) and still have room for a small bottle of water and a little lunch without expanding it to its 18L size (from 12L). It has great pockets - nice long ones down the side for mobile phones, keys, etc. If I get caught in the rain I can just about pull its waterproof cover out and get it over it at a slow set of lights. It has shoulder straps that come out of a compartment so that it's easy to carry. It's good for OCD because you can instantly check you zipped it up properly. It zips on and off the bike fairly easily. Zips in general all seem to be pretty good quality. Map pocket is very handy for parking tickets/swipe cards.

    On the other hand, it's not highly attractive (though what luggage is?). It's a bit fiddly to fit - straps with clips that go around three points on the frame (including just near the steering head), and you have to make sure they don't compress any cables/etc. it doesn't fit at neatly as you might hope for a genuine product - it leans slightly to the left (I think because the front strap runs over the coolant filler on the right, but it might also be the way I have it packed) and the strap that goes under the front comes very close to interfering with the steering. It has left a black mark on my tank from some of its rubber. It adds a small amount of time to filling up with petrol. The bars rub on slightly it in a couple of places at full lock, so it won't last forever. I think it cost just over $200, from memory.

    On the whole, I find it works well for me.
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  17. Hello everyone!

    Firstly love the pics guys, i just got my licence and am currently riding a skyteam 250 ( A gift from the misses) but i would like your opinion on if the ktm duke 200 or 390 as a learner bike or should build up my road craft and work up to these great machines?

    Any advice on how the go just for the short commute every other day..

    Thanks great people of netrider.
  18. Hey there. I got my 390 not long after I got my Ls and was/am a complete novice. Great learner bike and I am told they are good for commuting (don't commute on mine). They are light as. I would go the 390 over the 200, but it is entirely up to you. I am looking to upgrade when off myPs to a 690 but all depends on dollars!. Best of luck with whatever you choose :)
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  19. Get the 390, you won't regret it. Its a great commuter and learner bike, be hard pressed to find a better all-rounder for the price.

    I've been commuting on mine 60km daily for around six months rain or shine.
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