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Duke 390 2016

  1. Well well well Salt n VinegarSalt n Vinegar :) Welcome to the lawnmower club! You'll think it's a hoot! ;) Cool to see the race decals, haven't seen them before. Question: Which levers did you put on your beastie? Shorties? no name brand? I ask cause I will need to put some shorties on mine.
  2. So I was confused for a second. You've changed your user name yeh??

    Great choice and its good to see you went a lams model!!!!!
    I'm partial to the Katie's myself.
  3. Hey ValvolineValvoline - I got the Powerparts ones in the catalog with the bike. When researching the bike I read that a lot of people had gripe with the seat and the levers. They were considered as con's at the end of a few peoples reviews so I thought I would have them replaced as soon as I got the bike itself taking away a lot of the negatives that people had with the stock version. The decals look amazing hey! I couldn't believe how good they looked until I seen them from afar through photos.

    jonnymacjonnymac - And I'm super glad I did, I've already been pulled over twice in the last 2 weeks. They must love me! But I'm in love with the Duke and couldn't now imagine having any other bike (at least for now).
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  4. very nice :)