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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by scooter, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. A NORTH Albury woman who rode a motor bike into the Albury police station foyer was yesterday put on a two-year bond with a condition she attend alcohol rehabilitation.

    Magistrate Mr Tony Murray said when imposing the bond on Debra Louise Embury that her actions were a classic case of how to get arrested for drink-driving.

    Mr Murray said he had previously had a person appear before him who was intoxicated and stopped at a random breath testing location because he thought they had takeaway food.

    But it was the first time he has had someone appear in court for riding a motor bike into a police station.

    Mr Murray said it was obvious Embury had an alcohol problem.

    Embury, 36, of Wingara St, drove through the front doors of the police station on a 250cc Suzuki motorcycle about 1.45am on September 18 and started revving it at an extraordinary level.

    She began to ride close to the counter and all the time was revving it.

    She was clad in full riding outfit with a leather jacket and full face helmet.

    Four police and a Corrective Services officer saw her and became extremely anxious.

    It was feared at one stage Embury was going to launch herself and the motorcycle into the inquiry counter.

    She had been ranting something about her son when she had entered the station.

    Police had rushed her and managed to get Embury from the motorcycle.

    Her eyes were bloodshot and she was speaking incoherently.

    A breath analysis gave a reading of .190 and she was charged with driving with the high-range prescribed concentration of alcohol.

    She admitted drinking an unknown number of full strength cans of beer for five hours until 1am.

    Police believed there was serious potential danger for Embury, themselves and any members of the public who may have tried to enter the public foyer at the time.

    Solicitor Mr Chris Halburd said Embury had just completed an eight-day alcohol detoxification program and had been accepted for a 10-month rehabilitation course.

    Embury was fined $400 and disqualified for two years, backdated to September 18.
  2. She must have been riding an Across. Only a bike that legendary could have gotten her that far. Good lesson out there for all the L Platers, wear your safety gear.
  3. It's official. You have to be pissed to ride one.
  4. DUH! Only a drunk would forget that with the NSW LAM's system she could have ridden in on a BMWF650. :p :p :p
  5. This woman was ranting something about her son. Sounds like there was a deeper issue that the alcohol, but yet again treating the symptom not the cause. Still no excuse for what she did and still no excuse for taking excessive amounts of alcohol and then driving. Extremely stupid thing to do, luckily no-one injured or killed.
  6. Seems to be an extreme case of crying out for help to me. What she did was probably the best thing in her (read - drunken) situation. The alternative would be to drive around the streets in that condition risking the lives of anyone around her, or worse still, doing it in a cage :(
    I seriously hope they look at rehabilitating this woman.
  7. Flipper, that's what I meant. It seems that there's more to it than just getting a skin full and then driving around. It seems she's got problems and needs some help. However, how many of us have needed help but did not resort to getting drunk and riding about town. Rehab is the key.
  8. I agree, well she has taken the 1st step in admitting she has a problem, abeit a bit extreme. Majority of drunks won't admit to themselves that they have a problem, let alone anyone else.
  9. I am debra louise embury..the bike was a 1991 suzuki 250 bandit, black, import..before restrictions..i was not a l or p plate rider , but fully licensed..and yes a stupid thing to do...
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  10. Dont worry, at least you didnt speed through the doors of the police station. That could have been dangerous.
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    Anyone else get a mental picture of this?
  12. Does this win the award for the oldest dragged up thread, nearly 7 years old....
  13. Worthily dragged up, though.

    So Debra, were you crying for help, or just giving a rebel yell?

    What's you next trick?
  14. since googling the person's name produces no result, given that this seems to have been a high-profile case, I suspect that the thread does NOT deserve the Lazarus Award and is just being trolled.....
  15. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=debra+louise+embury

    Third one down.
  16. you must have a different Google to me :LOL:

    but really, that's a 2005 reference too, what I meant is that I couldn't find a current reference to her....
  17. Wow we can finally ask the person, Debra??? Are you hot :D