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D'uh, read the SIGN, dummy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. I love one of the comments near the top,
    "Why use GPS when you have www.whereis.com.au"

    This person doesn't realise that Garmin and several other brands of GPS all use Sensis maps for Australian cartography - the very same maps whereis.com.au uses! :LOL:

    I know we have PEBKAC for computers... Is there a PEBWAS for trucks and cars?
  2. LMAO... all the GPS softwares probably would have chosen the same route for him anyway... there is no TRUCK option when planning a method of travel... :roll:
  3. Where are you getting these acronyms from!?!
    What would I do without wiki :LOL:
  4. people rely way to much on technology these days, and not enough on their brains.......assuming they have brains...
  5. Ehm, mine (Mio) come with Bicycle, pedestrian, car, bus, truck and emergency. No motorbike, unfortunately.
  6. Couldn't the Truck Driver see through his Windscreen?
  7. :LOL:
    been there, done that (with one of my truck drivers)
    click here
    and in Araluen, there is a sign that clearly states the road ahead is unsuitable for caravans....but then I guess, a semi full of dangerous goods certainly isnt a caravan :rofl:
  8. PEBKAC is one of the oldest computer acronyms ever.

    along with MACINTOSH
    MostApplicationsCrashIfNotTheOperatingSystemHangs :LOL:
  9. We are starting to see more and more people relying on technology to find their way anywhere and there have been many examples of it all going wrong.

    People driving off boat ramps in the USA,
    A family got stranded in the middle of nowhere when their GPS told them to go home from Bright to Cranborne "over the top" in winter :shock:
    and I could go on.

    I'm thinking of getting a GPS unit mainly for the scrolling map function as that is easier than balancing a VicRoads Directory or Melway on the steering wheel while zipping along at 100 km/h talking on the phone while drinking coffee trying to locate the obscure side roads I need to locate to get where I'm going at times.