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duh na nana duh na nana ... BATMAN!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by es, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Got the second funniest letter Ive ever recieved in the mail... Aparently I live in the electorate of Batman!!!!!

  2. Okay, I'll bite... what was the funniest letter you have received

    Quick history lesson - One of the men credited with founding Melbourne was John Batman (not a superhero, just a man debilitated by advanced syphilis) and one of the early names for Melbourne was... Bearbrass
  3. Bear Brass, now that is interesting, I wonder if the pub at Southbank was named for this.
  4. Yep, thats the reason
  5. I think someone wrote a historical novel called "Bearbrass", set in pre-Melbourne Melbourne.
  6. another one from the government saying "we care about young australians and thier opinions" :cry:
    no the one I was thinking about was the birthday card I got, from the government
    : front cover:
    "Happy Birthday
    At 13, you wanted to save the whales [yeah i know, its true]
    at 16 you wanted world peace [well not really]
    now that youve turned 17..."
    Before I opened the card im all "wow finally someone who knows me!"
    then I open it. Enrol to vote form falls out. Im like "damn. no money."
  7. Received a 'threatening' letter from our real estate just the other day. We MUST pay the rent we are in arrears of A.S.A.P. A whopping 3cents!

    Also, my parents live in Batman Road, Indented Head ( I just LOVE that name)

    And history lesson with John Batman/Indented Head

    In August, 1835, two parties of settlers arrived in the vicinity of Melbourne. Both were from Tasmania. Captain John Lancey entered the Yarra River in the boat "Enterprize", a vessel owned by John Pascoe Fawkner and sent over for the purpose of settling Fawkner and others at Port Phillip. Lancey anchored west of Spencer Street on 29 August, 1835, and completed the unloading on cargo on 2 September. While Lancey was on his way up Port Phillip Bay the second party was camped at Indented Head on the Bellarine Peninsula on the west side of the bay. That party, under Robert Robson, master of the "Rebecca", included Mr. and Mrs. Henry Batman, and had been at Indented Head for nine days when the parties caught sight of each other on 16 August. John Batman joined his party at Indented Head on 23 August.
  8. The EPA should be able to prosecute stupid companies that send these letters out!!! :LOL: :p
  9. Indented Head is the BEST place name ever and a nice enough little spot too. We need to set up a bikey haunt down there.

    As for the 3 cent rent. Post them 3 cheques for 1c each by that sort of post that you have to go to the post office to collect.
  10. Probably just as well they never went for the name of "Bearbrass", wouldn't have taken long I reckon for people to start referring to it as Bearass.
  11. There's a street in Shellharbour just down the coast from me that's called Woollybutt Avenue!!!! Seriously!

    What a learned bunch we are. Fascinating history about John Batman.

    (I wonder if there's a suburb called Robin???)
    (I know there's one called Robinvale)
  12. Indented aheads is a great place. My grandparents used to live there, ive spent lots of time there :)

    John Batman eventually settled in this area (greensborough, heidleberg etc). He planted an apple tree down on the plenty river in Apollo Parkways that is still there. There is also a cemetary down there that, if my memory serves me correct, has some of his family in it.

    Im all for a spin down to the bellarine peninsula. Ive been wanting to go for a look down there for quite some time, just havent had the opportunity. We can raid the bakery in St Leonards then head down the road to IH for lunch on the beach perhaps.
  13. Oh, BTW, nothing beats a little town up on the border of NSW and QLD, near the Border ranges....Woodenbong....heheh

    And theres Condong, which i always giggle at....
  14. What about the town in Queensland called OK (named after an old brand of tinned jam)?
    And one of my young friends down here is prepetually amused by the suburb of Blackbutt!!!