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Duffman to return to scooters? - Scarabeo 500

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Duffman, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Well its finally here. The Aprilia Scarabeo 500.


    Previously only available in 250cc configuration, the new 500 should be a blast.

    If money was no object, i'd probably have one of these as well. I'm a long time fan of Aprilia's range of scoots and this new top of the line model would be great in my driveway.

    Alas, it is unlikely to happen, but i can only dream.

    And just think, Inci and i both riding scoots to the Perth pub meets...who'd have thunk it?...
  2. 16" wheels :shock: that's a serious motorcycle, Duffman :grin:
  3. I know. Mummy said i could get a big boys bike. :roll:
  4. I like the looks of Honda's new litre scoot.
    Duffman on a scooter? Oh yeah!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I have to tell you these large scooters just puzzle me - why would you want one? Seriously. I understand the appeal of scooters as small, cheerful and cheap alternatives to a bike around town, but when it comes to these large, expensive ones... I just don't get it. Why would you spend 10,999 on one of these when something like ER-6 or V-Strom or even Z750 would fit in this price range? Is it just the convenience of auto transmission? I would really like to know.
  6. I wouldn't have one as my only bike. It's the appeal of twist and go, with serious grunt and storage capacity, for ducking down to teh shops!
    How can you have too much grunt???
    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Ahhh....come over to the dark side my young friend and all will become clear....bwwaaaaahhh
  8. Maybe got some bad hip and/or knee joints, so swinging a leg over not as much fun as it used to be :p

    I don't know why anybody from NSW would want to be on a CB250 when there are dozens of other LAMS bikes available :wink:
  9. It a valid point.

    Why do some people want an automatic car? Why do some want a wagon/sedan/4wd/bike? Could be any number of reasons. Might be the convenience, or the style or the storage space. I dont know, i think its different for everyone.

    I think perhaps the reason you dont understand why someone would want one is because you may have the mindset that these big scooters are trying to be motorcycles. In fact i dont think they are. They are a different market - sure there is some cross over, but by and large its a different market.
  10. I asked exactly that question of an older gent who was riding a Suzuki Burgman 650.

    His answer was (if I may paraphrase) 'why would I want a basic bike when for the same money I can get a comfortable large scooter with plenty of luggage space and weather protection?'.

    He saw his large scooter as lighter, easier to manage tourer (and was comparing it with bikes likes the Honda ST1300 or Yamaha XJR1300).

    I mentioned the Honda Deauville and he looked slightly pained and said that his scooter had better performance and better weather protection and more luggage space and a more comfortable seat and still cost a bit less than the Deauville as well.
  11. I can answer that - I wanted a bike that was reliable, simple, small, cheap and unassuming. It has nothing to do with LAMS since I've been unrestricted for years.

    That's why (small, cheap etc) I understand small scooters. But the large ones make less sense to me. But I accept your explanation related to health issues. OK, that is a good reason. Any others?
  12. If I had to answer seriously I would say,


    3.6 L/100km

    $160 full service

    Secure storage big enough for 2 full face helmets

    No clutch to constantly play with in heavy stop-start traffic

    Ride through rain at 60kph and don't even get a drop on your visor

    Relaxed comfort

    Low centre of gravity makes slow riding effortless. Can almost stand still with my feet up

    Will out-accelerate most bikes up to 60kph

    Would I have one as my only ride? No

    Would I go back to commuting on any of my other bikes? yeah right! :roll:
  13. Hit the nail on the head with those last 2 points.
  14. Saw one of these this weekend on the road. Looks like a pizza bike on steriods. Sooooo not my style.

    I am one of those that's crossing from a normal size scooter to a maxi, from an Aerox 100 to a TMAX and loving it. Certainly is alot more 'bike' than the Aerox. More space, more presence on the road (safer), more power when i need it, able to travel longer distances, more comfort...

    My friends ask why a scooter ? I give them the short version.
    I'm too lazy to change gears.
  15. hahahah "Pizza bike".
    yeah i can see where your coming from.
    on the other hand i reckon the TMax is butt ugly, even if it is aparently a fantastic machine.

    to each their own hey :moped:
    at least we are finally getting a good number of choices in australia.
  16. Duffman !
    I'll test rding one this weekend.
    I got an invite from ScooterCentral here in Syd to test ride it this weekend. Apparently they are only inviting a few.

    I'm going for the novelty factor, see how this 500cc scoot goes.

    Full report and pics coming up !!


    Its the ultimate scoot !!
    Even matches the red of my Monster !!

    At $12K on the road though . . . . it can'be justified as a purchase !
  18. Mickyb

    good stuff mate. totally agree with you about the 12g's asking price - its a bit bloody rich!

    look forward to hearing a quick review of your ride.

  19. Hows that review comming? :D
  20. what can I say, I have owned this Scarebo 500 for the last 3 months.
    background, I am late 40s & returned to bikes after a 25 year abscence, so to get my feel for two wheels back I purchased a red Vespa 250 GTSie. now that's a great urban scooter but I found that at urban freeway speed, 80 kph & upwards that it was a bit nervous....anyway, fast forward two years and I have the 500. It was everything I was looking for, a tad larger without being a maxi. really it is mor od a mid size scooter on roids....
    around town & in heavy traffic it is not quite as zippy as the vespa, but will still thread it's way through traffic. Grunt... well that's its middle name. takes a moment to get connected & away we go. Weather protection is great, light rain = sprinkles on the helmet & that's all., but I do have the larger touring screen. this screen may be too hot in summer so I may have to change it to the standard screen. Hwy riding...as yet, other than urban freeways there has been none, but it will effortlessly cruise along at the posted 110 with much more available.
    in october I need to go to Canberra, from Sydney, so it may get a run yet.

    all in all, a great midsize scooter that can do anything that is required, commute ot tour.