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Due for a new rear tyre

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by icestorm, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Due for a new rear tyre and decided to change from the stock tyre to a metzeler m5, the front tyre still has plenty of life left.

    Should i, if changed to a different brand rear also change the front to a metzeler?
    Would it matter or would it be fine?
  2. Your bike will explode if you don't run the same brand tyres!!!!
  3. I'm long overdue for tyres too.
  4. It'll be fine. Possibly not absolutely optimal but fine.
  5. I ran Metzler Z6's but now I run Z8's, the front tyre has a groove in the centre and the rear doesnt,
    They are better in pairs of the same brand,
    But it wont make that much difference unless your on the track and really pushing it,
  6. Thanks for the replies, just didn't want to replace the front until it needed to be done.
  7. Same brand and same model (matching model, you know what I mean) is best, but if your front is giving no problem and you're happy with it, then leave it there.

    Some brands and types work fine together, others less so.

    The M5 has a pretty good rep already - I hear good things about them, but I haven't tried one myself. What do you still have on the front?

    I got narked at by the wife a bit for changing both BT014s when the rear wore out, but I never liked that front anyway. I've gone to Power R and Pure F and I'm very happy.
  8. dunlop sportmax roadsmart
  9. Buy both as a set (it's cheaper) from somewhere and then just get them to put only one tyre on. Put it around you like a floaty ring and go home. Bam you've just saved $50 and only slightly increased your risk of serious spinal injury if you come off
  10. its not always cheaper if you buy a front and rear together
  11. I reckon buy a pair, I made the mistake years ago. The 2 different profiles make it ride funny and the thing is most big bikes use 2 rears to 1 front so by the time you get your front you'll be up for a pair anyway, or you find that the tyre you want has been discontinued. I went ages without a matching brand/set. Nothing makes your bike feel like $1M like a nice new matching pair of boots.
  12. Yes, get a pair. These days they tend to be made as a set with tyre patterns used to facilitate, the dispersal of water in wet roads, and grip management between the two.

    You might get away with a softer compound on front compared to the back, as long as it's from the same manufacturer, but yes, generally buy the set of 1 together.