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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Rest of article and pictures at http://acrosstheboard.blogspot.com/2006/02/dude-what-happened-to-your-car.html

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  2. Bullshit :LOL:

    No marks on the dam pole.. (last pic) :LOL:
  3. Ouch........ they dont build em like they used to :grin:
  4. Have a read of this post as one of the replies.....

  5. Wow. What a mong. Cagers.
  6. I see marks on the pole in the last picture.

    Someone needs a new monitor :grin:
  7. Marks is not consistant with the damage caused to the vehicle :roll:
  8. fibreglass car. Marks seem consistent with a very tough pole to me. :))
  9. What is coating the fibreglass?
  10. The white stuff? Sorry Kishy I,m not with you. Smashed fibreglass looks like that.,. the glass looks white; its only the gel coat thats coulored usually. (and thats often painted anyway) But I,m sure you know that.
  11. I was thinking more paint would be showing on the pole bro..

    But now that I'm thinking more about it, if its fiberglass as apposed
    to metal, the paint wouldnt be coming off the same way?
  12. As if I knew that :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Ummm, found this website http://www.nextcar.com.au/n.ford.gt.2006.05mar.html and it says

    "The Ford GT delivers 550 horsepower and a certified 205-mph top track speed rating, with styling inspired by the historic racecars and a comfortable and contemporary interior, all for a base price of under $140,000 (US).

    An ultra high-performance two-seat sports car, the Ford GT is built on an aluminium spaceframe chassis with super-plastic-formed aluminium body panels and an aluminium-over-carbon engine cover."

    It must be a phase of the moon, the ferrari and then this.
  14. How'd he do that.
  15. Showing off.. Couldnt handle the power of his new car :grin:
  16. It might just be gel coat. Where the epoxy laid in the mold is colored. Becouse paint that sticks to fibreglass is difficult and gel coat finishes can be so good panels can be just gelcoated.

    And you are right. Gelcoat is in the epoxy. So it doesnt come off easily
  17. Oh and to go furthur. Gel coat isnt very strong. Its often designed to be sandable. but you lay the fibreglass on top of the gel coat in the mold and the epoxy in it. After the gell coat has more or less dried if you see what I mean? So you coat the gel coat with normal clear epoxy and then lay down the soaked fibreglass cloth then work out all the bubbles and make sure it is soaked then lay more cloth and so on.

    THey use vacuam molds and other tricks these days.. to get the layers tighter and the air bubbles out abut tthats the basic process
  18. What a waste of a damn sexy car :facepalm:
  19. Thanx for explaining that 2 me :wink:
  20. You are of course welcome :)