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dude crashes with a helmet camera

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by jasonw, Nov 4, 2006.

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    check this out if you want to see stupid car drivers first hand

  2. That guy is a moron. A perfect poster child, for birth control. There was nothing near him, let alone a merc.
  3. The weirdest set of circumstances i have ever seen.

    ~ The car had no reason to brake so violently
    ~ It had no reason to swerve during lock up

    It looks somewhat like an insurance scam for a large sum payout..?
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  5. Because the side of a helmet is such a telling indicator of someone's gender? :roll:
  6. Oh I dunno. You can hear her voice in the video. Also the comment "oh its a girl" A few clues for the astute amongst us.
  7. I have a long version of this at home - probably better quality too.

    Its a chick
    1 - The witness' say "lets lay him on his back" "its a her" "oh its a her"
    2 - you can hear the lady's voice within the helmet shouting "it hurts to lay down" (female voice) when everyone is trying to get her to lay down
    3 - She takes her glove off - and she has a wedding ring on with a diamond etc
    4 - in my version the lady puts down her helmet and it exposes her face as she puts the helmet down "[referring to the helmet] its connected to my bag"
    its a chick - no more gender questions - another problem solved my me :grin:
  8. Dudette crashes because in my guesstimation, the idiot black car driver wasn't watching the road. Looks like he panicked when he suddenly noticed the closing velocity to the car infront. He was heading for a collision... so instead he max swerves and max brakes... (a tyre can only really do one or the other, not both...), and so goes for a 180degree collision with the cars around him. Loser. Notice how long he takes to get out of the car... I reckon he was finishing off his phone call...

    To compound things, the silver car on the right decides to come to a stop... if only it had kept rolling, the rider would have had a chance, an exit.

    These circumstances totally suck!

    I've watched this a few times, and I'd like to think if that was me in that position, the emergency brake drills I regularly wear my pads and discs out on would have had me pull up in time. Hard to say.

    Check out the youtube comments, some of them aren't very charitable! A lot of boys noticed the cleavage... hehehehe. :LOL:

    On a side note, in first aid class, they said that one person needs to take control... all these helpful bystanders, with the best of intentions, may not have been that helpful.

    The rider is one lucky unlucky gal.


  9. Its unlikely you could have outbraked Dawn . If you read the discussion on the accident you cannot really fault the way she dealt with the situation as it happened. She could have braked harder earlier but would then have been at risk of being rearended. If you watch the vid frame by frame as it gets close to impact you can see her brake much harder and then get her legs out of the way. Its possible you might have done as good a job although she is pretty hot stuff (on a bike) But given that the situation evolved to her and she could not second guess her decisions its unlikely that you (or I ) would have done any better. We would both like to think so, but ?

    Remember this was on a freeway. It looks slower than it is.

  10. And yeah. Youtube. Full of motorcycling experts I am sure.
  11. sorry will refer to all persons riding a bike as riders in the future
  12. :) Nah. But a sheepish grin wen confronted with a very female after saying "Hi Dude" works. And they do not come a lot more female than that one :)
  13. Actually, that looks staged to me. Sorry if I upset anyone, but he didn't just brake to avoid rear-ending someone. He didn't just swerve to miss hitting something. He put the car into a sideways slide and kept the brakes on, right next to the car in the right lane. No-one could be that bad a driver. Even if he was on the phone.

    She didn't want to sue. She "woulld like him to help fix her bike". She didn't try to find out why he braked and report it on her site. She did a full analysis of her reactions, but did no analysis of his motivations or situation. A lovely set of boobies shows up for the video. The woman on the right keeps sticking her face in front of the camera, as if trying ensure she got into the picture.

    Call me a cynic if you like. Great exposure for Dawns company.
  14. Now thats really nuts. Half a year later and thousands of posts later she is still trying to recover costs. The bloke who was specifically excluded on the insurance policy from that car and hence under californian law in serious shit has lost his licence for a long time . While I have not kept up on the posts he was last I heard looking at jail time. Sure she would stage a 50 mph accident for the company exposure and break her favourite bike.

    Ahhh well. Believe what you like. The CIA hit the world trade centre. The FBI shot Kennedy and were paid by the cubans. We never landed on the moon. Whatever. :)
  15. That wasn't a 50mph accident. I also didn't read all of the thread in her forum, but I scanned through and didn't see any discussion of prosecution of the driver. I'll look again later.

    Seems I did upset you. :p
  16. Percrime... I did say, "hard to say" regarding the braking point.

    Whose to say whether I could or couldn't have..? My 9R with sintered metal pads pulls up awfully well... I practice often...

    It's academic anyway.

    I haven't gone to her site. I just offered my opinion on the video footage.... I did consider the staged bit for a short while... note the coasting engine revs before the prang... but I discounted it in the end.

    Cheers and out.
  17. Yeah, the backing off the throttle 'cos she "felt something was wrong" looked suspicious to me. On re-watching, she seems to be setting up for the car to spin. Nothing on her site changed my mind about the staging. Note also that the big car slide is unequivically the car drvier's fault, so there can be no question of blaming the rider. This would be a pre-requisite for an example of a bike crash, if it was to be publicised. All the little things add up for me to a strong suspicion of staging.

    It may or may not be. Either way, it is good advertising for the vulnerability of motorcycles. However, if it is staged, and is discovered, that would be bad.
  18. you're all cynics... but it is just bizarre
  19. booooooobs!!!!!!!