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Ducks Disease & Motorbikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rossd, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Right then - Here's a prod to all those afflicted with the above mentioned condition to voice your experiences, solutions, frustrations and whatever else that goes with a passion for motorcycles when having been born with "stumps for legs!!"
    I openly admit to being one such member of the biking fraternity. It irritates me that the first stat I have to look for when a new bike hits the market is "Seat height".
    I admire and thank BMW for designing their latest generation of bikes in such a way that they offer a huge range of seat heights, properly engineered ex factory with lowered suspension and seats. They clearly have seen a market niche. Perhaps if we generate enough dialogue we may even get some of the mainstream Japanese manufacturers to take notice - I for one won't hold my breath!!
    Let's hear about delears/manufacturers who have been prepared to work with you to put you on your bike of choice.
    As a group we should be admired for not letting lack of leg length get in the way of our probably pig-headed insistence on enjoying the sport we love despite cringing whenever we have to stop on a steeply cambered surface!! More often, our peers take the P*!s but that's OK - Got to laugh at yourself tp maintain a sane outlook on life.
    So - there we go. Let the repartee begin (Unless of course, I'm the only one out there!!!)
    Come on guys (and girls), there must be some fun and good advice to be had in this topic!! :wink:

  2. Lets not forget the other end of the extreme, the tall people.
    At 6"4 there are still a fair few bikes that are "out of reach"

    We have ours and you have yours.
    It's just the average people that get to have everything.
    Damn average people...
  3. Being a rider who is also afflicted with "DD", I found my love hiding behind a Honda Badge. :wink:
  4. Finally somebody is envious of my mediocrity!
  5. Sometimes it's all in the mind. Truly.

    Mrs G is short (5'2") but with relatively long legs.

    She also has a motorcycle license, but didn't want to use it on the VTR250 because she could only touch the ground on tippy toes. She showed me this again a little while ago.

    So I bought her a Yammy cruiser 535, which really has a lowish seat height, and because she also said she preferred cruisers, having learned on one.

    There's only one problem with cruisers - the raked out forks make steering heavy at slow speeds. She wondered about trying the VTR again, because it has delightfully light steering with its steeper head angle.

    Even Mrs G was surprised when she sat on the VTR this week - she had both feet flat on the ground! I didn't say anything at the time, but I think she was working on me previously. (But I don't mind!) She is having so much fun on the XV535 now that the VTR is no longer threatening...

    All the best with your sizing issues :)

    Trevor G

    PS I'm not long-legged, altho I am 5'10" plus - I just never bother with bikes that I cannot comfortably sit on and reach the ground. They don't interest me, no matter how good the writeups!
  6. I thought that is why they invented cruisers :LOL: :LOL:

    don't worry Duncan.. we'll get you on a lowered VTR1000 one day.. with custom seat et al :wink:
  7. I started riding with my toes on the pegs, originally because my toes were starting to scrape, but now just because its more comfortable, except that my heels are now almost reaching my arse!

    I need a higher seat!

    ...queue Homer Simpson voice....I hate them so much
  8. In addition to the obvious BMW choices Honda offer a low seat option for the new 700cc Transalp and Suzuki have an adjustable seat with 2 positions for the Suzuki Bandit 1250 (the K6 1200S also had one but a different system).
  9. Yeah Yeah!! Cruisers blah blah!! Nothing wrong with them for those that love them but not for me!! :wink: I'll persevere with falling over every time I stop! :oops:
    The VTR 1000 is a project that I will follow up all being well and always provided I can amass enough Brownie Points with "The Government".
  10. Honda has come up with stock bikes with low seat heights from time to time. Just not enough of them! I had a CBX 550F back in the 80's - one of the early in line four twin OHC 16 valve jobs, which was comfortable even for me! :shock: I know they (Honda) are starting to look at more flexibility in their layouts currently, witness the Transalp and the CBF 1000 which has a three position seat feature with the lowest being around 790mm from memory.
  11. And I thought I had a problem - at least I'm not at any risk of disappearing up my fundamental orifice! :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Giraffe diesease?

    Lol my mate whos 6"3 bought a cbr250rr off ebay without seeing it despite me tellling him its gonna be a like a pocket pike :)
  13. Maybe there's a market for really small wheels.
  14. #14 TonyE, Feb 18, 2009
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  15. I testrode one of those, just to see if I could fit my 6'4 self on it.

    Like a giraffe humping a football.

    I'm disappointed that the Triumph Tiger 1050 - a sports-touring bike that you must be this tall to ride - has an optional low seat for normal people to be able to fit. It's not like average-size people have enough bikes to pick from already. :p
  16. isn't that what they put kerbs along roads for? :?

    you know you can just rotate ya bum to one side off the seat and lean the bike slightly too.
  17. Lowering links are my friend........
  18. You've had them done? How do they effect handling on your bike?
  19. Just let all the air out of your tyres :cool:
  20. There's just too many of them, always complaining. I personally never complain.

    I reckon I could sit on a Tiger all day, it felt like the super ergonomic (but funky looking) office chair of motorcycles, and that was just from a 5 minute trip down the road.