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Ducks and Shooting licenses ($50 motorcycle tax)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kez Across, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. Just got this as an email:

  2. This guy has pretty much hit the nail on the head.
  3. If this is true then.....bastards bastards bastards...not the Police but the bastards who propose the funding source :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
    And to those who don't attempt to block this theft..bastards bastards bastards.

    Andy the angry bastard :evil:
  4. lodger said it... UTTER BASTARDS!!! >:<
  5. Remeber, VMAC is an advisory board. It's not a regulation setting committee, such as the governor-in-council. The MRA is but one voice, and there's no compulsion for the government to take heed of its advice. Not that it has a good record in this area, anyway - taking advice from professionals. The speed camera fiasco certainly demonstrates that.

    Anyway, this secret emailer of yours Kez, does he or she have anything that we can confirm this MRA acquiescence?
  6. Thanks Vic. I've emailed those responsible for VMAC representation and asked if it's true or not (that they didn't object to the idea).
  7. When you say the MRA is one voice you mean one solitary persons voice! Not a true representation of motorcyclists Australia wide but someone with a barrow to push and it has & will always be the same no matter who is holding the handle bars! Power puts best of intentions aside in favour of egos!

    If a motorcycle cop comes sreaming up behind me I have 2 choices either slow down more in the hope he will too or crank it on in the hope of putting distance between us. If I recognise him as a cop I'd slow down expecting him to do likewise even if I was sitting on the speed limit! If however I percieved him to be a threat I may crank it on to get away from him or pull over to let him pass me.

    Me personally I wouldn't allow myself to be pushed beyond my capabilities but some may & then they will either come unstuck or break the law either way very ugly Does this cop then have to bear the the consequences of their actions? I fear not, entrapment argument will be hard to push from the grave! This practice must be stopped before it is too late! It must be seen in the same light as police persuits! Ok so those who purport to speak for me, now you know my views take them to the puppeteers!

    Stepping own from my soapbox now!
  8. It's true. MichaelC raised it about 6-12 months ago when the Police put in a funding submission to VMAC (Govt really) for $50 safety levy monies to be spent on these stealth devices.

    Whether it's been approved by VMAC or Govt I would like to know.
  9. Here is a copy of the minutes that were sent to me by Michael Czjaka.
    It was a document that was "secret" and it was not to be distributed, I put it up for riders to see it and was fried by Michael.
    So VMAC can make decisions but motorcyclists are not allowed to know what is in the pipeline.


    Here is a letter opposing the proposition, I don't recal the author.

    https://netrider.net.au/pics/safety levy.pdf
  10. :cry: Geezus George Orwell would be turning in his grave 'bout now(see1984)
    Now i am passed being pissed off now i am just plain fcukING ANGRY what can I do to get up these bastards? where do I sign up? Who do i have to sell my soul to? Where do i go now for representation? This is just ...GRRRRR lost for words....... :oops:
    So how did we let this State go down the Shitter like this? what the fcuk can we do ............HELP!!!!!!
  11. On the VMAC committee yes, there is 1 rep for the MRA , The Australian Motorcycle News has
    a rep on the commitee as well

    Neil O'Keefe Chairman
    Steve Chiodo Peter Stevens Motorcycles
    Cameron Cuthill Independent
    Peter Dunphy Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce
    Narelle Haworth Monash University Accident Research Centre
    Ray Newland Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
    Rob Smith Australian Rider Trainers Association
    Moira Stewart Women's International Motorcycling Association
    Marcus Wigan Oxford Systematics
    Ken Wootton Australian Motorcycle News
    Michael Czajka Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia
    Bob Stork Victoria Police
    Samantha Cockfield Transport Accident Commission
    Detlef Lamp Victorian Motorcycle Council
    Robert Nordlinger Harley Owners Group
    Els Timmermans Ulysses Club
    Linda Ivett VicRoads
    Ted Vincent VicRoads
    Janet Brash Secretary
  12. The author was one Michael Czjaka, the MRAA rep on the VMAC

    He also pointed out that the only proposal put before VMAC was for the
    analysis part of the request not the camera's.

    The proposal was rejected by the VMAC
  13. From the keyboard of Michael Czjaka MRA VMAC Rep

    Hello MRA,

    This is very old stuff they are posting:

    No proposal for the cameras themselves was ever put to VMAC (we wanted
    no part of it). It dates back around 2 years.

    The extract of the VMAC notes posted clearly say that the Economic Review
    Committee (special
    funding) paid for the police speed cameras.

    A later application by the Vic Police for $150,000 research funding to prove the
    effectiveness of
    moving mode radar (the document posted) was also voted it down. This was about
    12 months ago.

    The letter of opposition that was posted is mine... proving the MRA
    opposed the use of $50 levy money for speed cameras
    (the reasons are given in the letter of opposition).

    The notes to the meeting are poorly worded. They suggest we had
    approved an allocation of $150,000 when in fact it was a proposal for
    $150,000 (which we then voted down).

    The MRA was very vocal on this issue and reminded VMAC members of
    information presented to them 6 months previously by the Victoria
    Police suggesting moving mode radar was useless against motorcyclists.
    We went so far as to locate the original VMAC meeting minutes and identify
    which police officer was so scathing in his assessment (most VMAC
    members had forgotten this discussion or were absent).

    We fail to understand why the authors of these posts failed to contact
    the MRA VMAC rep to check their facts.