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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by flash, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. G'day,

    I've just been offered a 1994 Ducati 600SS Desmo for what seems (to me) to be a generous price: $2,000. It's in good nick and has only done 36,000 Kms, BUT as I don't know much about any Ducati made after 1975 I was hoping for any opinions of the bike: good Duke year/model or bad Duke year/model, general rideability, maintainence costs, current price trends and all that jazz. Essentially, is it a good buy or a bad buy and why?

    All opinions appreciated,
  2. for 2 grand, id buy it, if i didnt already have a ducati.

    That model isnt bad, reliability wise, they are fine from what ive heard, with no real first hand experience though. Its a bike to bike thing though.

    Id say that, thats cheaps for a bike...let alone a ducati...id start thinking about whats wrong with it. And if there is nothing. Buy it.

    For 2 grand...its low risk. You could probably part it, and make most of that back lol
  3. I've been pretty critical of ducks in this forum, but at $2k, so long there is no hidden time bomb, that would be a good buy.
  4. $2k for a bike is a lottery, but ya gotta be in it to win it and they are pretty cool. :grin:
  5. Just be aware that this model will definitely not have the extended service intervals of current models.
    You might be fortunate that it only needs standard jobs done at your next service, but if you are unlucky, you may need that much again to pay for getting it up to spec.
  6. Well put. You'd want to be handy with a spanner though.
  7. hehehe. agree with the above. go for it ... it will be like spending 2grand on a mechanics course...but u get a cool bike at the same time
  8. :LOL: :LOL: But what a way to learn :wink:
  9. A mate of mine bought one with a cracked frame (near the steering head). so check that.

    the service on these is much less than than the 4 valves in terms of intervals and costs.
  10. :shock: grab it
  11. PM Ducfreak.

    What he doesn't know about old Dukes proably isn't worth knowing.
  12. Go for it. After riding the Duc, you'll never ride anything else!
  13. Are they that bad that they turn you off bikes all together??
  14. ahahaha touche

    Thanks for the responses, they've pretty much validated what i was thinking and given me a bit more confidence in the purchase; think i might bite the bullet and grab it. As Booth said, for 2 grand the machine could probably be parted and sold to break even - and don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a 'sell for profit' venture, it's just a fun looking bike for a good price, be mad to not consider it at least.
    As far as 'hidden bombs' are concerned I'm pretty confident there aren't any - or none that the present owner himself knows about at any rate. There's some slight corrosion on the swinging arm which i can easily patch up and some of the plastic has been smashed by vandals, but what i can't fix i can replace.
    Ideally what I want is for some older bloke to come along and say 'I have a 1973 Ducati Desmo 750SS that I can't be bothered to kick over anymore and would really like to trade for a mid-nineties model 600...' haha

    Thanks again to all respondents, ride safe y'all
  15. I think it's more because he's stuck on the side of the road somewhere and can't get to his next bike.