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Ducatis for beginners

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Mrs Bravus wants to learn to ride. Might be a few more months before we can afford a starter bike, and we'd be budgeting 4-5 grand. I loved my Spada a few years ago and now wish I'd kept it, but they are getting a bit long in the tooth. A VTR is probably top of the list.

    She's only about 163 cm or 5'3", so that's a bit of a constraint. And, without getting myself in too much trouble, she ain't 60 kg...

    Given those parameters, I'm wondering about the bigger-capacity end of the LAMS pool. I've got her over her initial love of cruisers (a few pillions on the Bandit will do that). CB400 is way beyond the budget, as are the nobbled learner Ninja and GSX650F.

    The Duke monsters probably are too, but interesting to think about. Are they nobbled learner versions or just naturally below the ptw limit? Just saw one, prompting this post, and they look short enough.

  2. Is she above or below 60 kg.

    If below at 5' 3",you need to look at a small bike.
    If above ,she is obese and a cruiser or a diet will suit best.

    Perhaps she is "big boned",But at 5'3" seat height is the issue,especially if the rider has fat legs.
  3. LMFAO =D>
  4. She's well over 60, curvaceous and luscious, and neither a diet nor a cruiser is an option.

    Now does anyone have anything useful to contribute?
  5. Here's the list of 600 cc + Dukes on the Queensland LAMS list:

    600 Pantah
    600M Monster
    620 Multistrada Lite 24.5kW
    620 Sport Lite
    M 620 Lite i.e. (2005 to 2006)
  6. Every single one of those bikes is far too dangerous for a learner. What are you thinking?
  7. There's a Monster for 7 grand and a Monster Dark for 8. I'm half kicking myself for not picking up a Monster Dark in very good nick I saw when we lived in Canada that was going for 7.
  8. Photographic negative troll is a photographic negative
  9. Here's something useful.

    When you're young,leave the pub early.

    If you don't,you will end up like this bloke,
    looking for a bike a fat chick can ride.
  10. Yeah, sucks to be someone who doesn't like sleeping with people shaped like boys.
  11. IMO boy.racer is a better troll. He can do subtle trolling and general attacks without just being nasty to individuals. A better monster, if you will.
  12. Pretty hard to go past the hundreds of VTRs out there between 3 and 5 grand though, really when it comes down to it.
  13. A VTR is a very capable motorcycle. Nobody really needs a bike over 250cc in this country anyway.
  14. Keep your teddy close and dont look under the bed,thats where the real monster is.

  15. What does she like? It sounds like she wants something more fun than utility, and the Duke will probably be fun for longer.

    VTR is better value, but has a smaller engine and is less interesting.
  16. No it's not,they are a piece of underpowered,boring crap.
    Wake up to yourself son,this is not about "need".

    Plus I will beat the crap out of you in the "Nerdrider Troll off 2011".
  17. Even in netrider traditions, this thread became off topic QUICK
  18. This is rich. He leaves a hook lying around and you not only jump on it but net yourself as well :rofl:

    Bravus, is this bike for keeps or Ls and Ps only?
  19. 1. None of these pindicks would dare insult my wife to my face because they'd rapidly find themselves in A & E with a Speed 2 well up their arse. But you know, carry on keyboard warriors.

    2. titus, I guess that's part of the question. I think some of the Dukes or other larger-capacity things would be enough to keep her happy for a few years, whereas a 250 is probably only for Ls and Ps, and as an over-25 with a full car license that's not as long a period. It might be worth just picking up one of the older VTRs for $2500 for that year or less, then changing to something more powerful for the long term. (Like the bigger Monsters, for example.)

    I guess we'll see.
  20. Bravus, The Dukes are a very easy bike to ride, but my only suggestion is can your good lady wife move one around with easy, they are not a light bike, coming in at 160kg+.

    I think you are not after one of the 400's same bike as a 620 just a smaller engine, so possibly wont last as long for her.

    The seat heights are quite low, I am only 5'8'ish and the bike feels a little small at times, My wife is only 5'7' finds the same thing, so I dont think the bike size is going to be an issue.