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Ducatis and... white stuff SORTED!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by v_quixotic, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. I would appreciate the insight of other Ducati owners please...

    My bike has some "white stuff" visible in the oil window. It had this when I took it in for its 20,000 km service, its still there now :(

    I've done about 2000 km since the service and I've had to add 1/2 a litre of oil and the 'liquid' visible in the oil window is very non oil like - clear and transparent :( :(

    Naturally, I am taking it back as this level of oil use is unacceptable, however, the insight I am after is: does your recent model Ducati have white stuff too (in accordance with the mechanics reasurance)?

    Is there something amiss with the crankcase breather arrangement?

    I'd like to believe the wool isn't being pulled over my eyes, but I'm a little sus.
  2. I haven't had that myself. However, I have seen it on two previous occasions on other Ducatista's relatively new bikes. Unfortunately, I don't know what it is. :(
  3. Re: Ducatis and... white stuff

    From experience with old cars ... white stuff in oil points to "water"?? Is it liquid cooled? Possible water leak into oil?? Wild guess here ...
  4. Good oil can be the colour of honey but not as thick and transparent so I would say is normal. :D
    White stuff as you say can be condensation getting into the crankcase and mixing with the oil. Do you leave your bike outside for long periods of time? This can happen a specialy when the weather is cold and/or wet.
  5. i just think you 'love' your bike too much :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :shock: :p

    sorry, i couldnt resist
  6. It means your getting water in your oil from somewhere. Possibly head gasket or crack in a head. Maybe a bit of water got in during the last service.

    Personally, Id throw the bike away and but a real one :LOL:
  7. condensation build up.
  8. Yeah, I figured it was water of some description in the oil. The question is, what do I make of the mechanics comments that "it's normal for ducatis and nothing to worry about"?
  9. Perhaps a second opinion from a different mechanic. I don't know how many Ducati specialists there are in Brisbane. I've got a few to choose from here.
  10. Normal? To have water in your oil??
    Sounds sus to me...

    Take it to another dealer.
  11. Having trouble understanding your post. Is it clear or white?

    Your bikes air cooled so unless they washed it and had the oil filler or similar undone, it's hard to see how water got in there.

    If it's a clear looking layer, then you may have petrol in there. I'd say one of your fuel taps is faulty and you've had leak down through one of the cylinders.

    Either way it's not good.
  12. I agree with IBast.

    People, if it was water, it would mix through the oil and your oil would become a dark grey colour. Now, IT IS CLEAR. Thus, it appears to be a jelaton type of substance which is more than likely a petroleum based substance.......

    Alternatively, could it be seapage from the gaskats???? When some mechanics put on new gaskets, they put a jelly type substance to seal it...

    - If the clear jelly solid or definately a liquid?
    - You used 1/2litre of oil after 2000km.... That does seem excessive
    - Are there any indications anywhere on the bike of an oil leak
    - How often have you used this specific mechanic
    - Please take it somewhere else for second opinion.

    Good luck SImon
  13. I had a Suzuki 4WD with the same condition, it was caused by too many (only) short trips, engine not heating sufficiently to evaporate the condenstion out of the sump, and each short trip was adding more condensation, hence the white sludge.

    Engines breath, cold air goes in through the breather, if you aren't running the engine for long enough, moisure will build up, also good for rusting out your exhaust pipe.
  14. Really? When I've had blown head gaskets the resulting emulsion from mixed oil and water was creamy/whitish. Maybe if the oil itself was filthy...
    (You may be right, tho' especially the idea about the gasket goo)
    If a large amount of water has got in it would eventually separate from the oil and float above it (if left to stand for some time), probably in the visible area of the inspection window.
    But since yours is air-cooled it less likely to be water, unless perhaps its got in somewhere when being washed etc.

    My Triumph used to get some water in through the oil filler aperture, due to a defective rubber seal. In the case of this bike the water sat in in this recess indefinitely until the cover was removed and the area cleaned out.
    Your bike is obviously different, tho'. The whitish substance could easily be from condensation, but the oil consumption is a bit of a worry.
  15. This is from the Ducati Monster list. I hope they don't mind me quoting it here. I'm a member there as well. As your 750 sport has the same 2 valve air cooled motor, the info is relevant.

    "Milk" in the oil sight glass
    You may notice the oil sight glass (on the right side of the bike) seems to have a milky fluid in it. This is especially noticable if the bike has been sitting a while and if the weather's cool. It is water vapor condensation and it is perfectly normal. If you take the bike for a long ride and get it warm the milkiness will go away. Some people install shutoff valves to their oil coolers so the bike gets hotter in cool weather, or fashion oil covers to reduce airflow, but most people just go for a long ride instead.

    Hope this clears things up.


  16. Sounds plausable. I' m a little suprise it doesn't form an emolsion and turn browny/white.

    Must be a small amount and isn't a constant feed like a busted head gasket in a water cooled engine
  17. During my MX and Enduro days we had problems with Yamaha's and creek crossing. The Breather hose would be beneath the bike and as you can expect it is a breather but it also acts as a vacuum. So, low and behold, if you stall in the water.... GULP.... water in the oil

    I would invisage something like that may be happening where the creek crossing is condensation on cold mornings....

    I would be more concerned about the 500ml of oil .... But, I dont know Ducati's.... My Motard's and 4-stroke enduro's would go through that much oil in less than 1000km......... It's all in the state of tune and how hard you ride them
  18. Yes, I have been doing more short trips since moving to my current abode... I think I better take the scenic route more often...
  19. The clear stuff is definitely liquid - it flows away when the bike is returned to its side stand... the bike is fuel injected though, no taps that I know of. Do fuel injectors ever leak?