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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Julien, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Hey guys

    I crashed my Street Triple last year and have been without a bike for a year. I missing riding too much so I've decided that I will be back on a bike within the next few weeks.

    I am seriously looking at buying a Ducati 696 or 796. I'm interested in hearing feedback about the bikes themselves but also about running cost eg. servicing and insurance - how do they compare to my ST?


  2. get the aprilia shiver instead
  3. Funny you say that because the Shiver has been on my list the day it's come out. I would be worried about availability of parts and servicing cost. Plus I would like ABS and only the Shiver GT comes with it and that bike is so ugly. Why don't they make the standard Shiver with ABS?
  4. For the same money you could have a Z1000, with standard ABS. Street Triple R is probably worth a good look in also despite being down on cubes compared.
  5. Yeah same here - I didn't mind the look of the GT actually - just didn't want to pay 2k more for it.
  6. Test ride the Ducatis. The 696 is a lovely little bike. The 796 has a bit more power and is a bit taller, if that is an issue.

    Ducati has extended service intervals for most recent models, so that the overall cost of running them is comparable to many japanese bikes, and better than some others. Ask a dealer about costs and intervals, and then check with their service manager. The share the information here and ask again if it is what we owners really get charged.
  7. I'm curious why you're not getting another street triple?
    Not happy with it or just an excuse for a different bike.

    I've been eyeing off street triples in the local dealerships for a while now.
  8. Will do. I'm booked in for test rides of the Monsters 696, 796 and 1100 on Sat am. Can't wait!
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  9. I have loved my ST. So much fun, so much grunt, makes any rider feel like a pro. It's just that I want to see what else is out there and also I want ABS. If the ST came with ABS, I would not even look at any other bike.
  10. I've had my 696 since they were released and have just under 30k on the clock. You can find second hand 696’s under $10k now, with only 7-9,000 k’s.

    On paper the ST is faster, and it was one of the bikes I was looking at before I brought the 696. IMO the 696 is built better than the ST.

    The 696 is really light and it’s so easy to ride in the twisties. The brakes are awesome and the clutch is the lightest I’ve used, which is good because I have to ride the clutch in traffic. ( Ducati’s don’t do slow ).

    It is air cooled, so in summer it does get hot in traffic, but not as hot as my mates R1.

    If something happened to mine, I would buy another. It’s perfect for me and a pleasure to ride ( and sounds awesome ).

    Service schedule below. The 24k service is about $850.

    List of operations with frequency
    (distance or time interval*) km x1000 1, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60

    24k service does new belts, valve clearances, check bearings etc etc.
  11. Will be interested in your thoughts, since bringing the 848 home and my girlfriend pinching it to do laps of the street on (see vid), she's now very keen on getting herself a bike again. Keeps sending me links looking at Monsters and Street Triples lol. What a women!!
  12. Does anyone know how much it costs to have a Termignoni exhaust fitted if I buy separately?
  13. Don't tell me they still have a tiny turning circle,great fun hitting the lock stop while doing a uturn.Re the above vid.A mates misses has a 696,she is tiny.They got the lowered seat option and the city bars option,the bars are crazy expensive,that is till you get included both switch blocks with extended wiring,extended braided clutch and brake hose and all extended cables included.Its a bit odd with the 696 low seat hight that suits those with ducks disease but it has a very long reach to the bars with not many options to fit others with the low bar mounts and hump backed tank in the way.After all the mods she loves it,its increased her just off Ps confidence,lovely little bike.
  14. Termis ( inc ecu air filter ) cost about $1500 on the 696. not sure if that is fitted.
  15. Also interested in your thoughts on the 696, 796 and 1100. Looking at the 796 myself as an upgrade later this year and it would be great to hear some feedback on how each of them perform :)
  16. I know the 696 doesn't compare to a Street Triple, but haven't ridden the 796 or 1100 so good to get your thoughts. You should throw in the Tuono as well, just for laughs!
  17. I heard a couple of blokes complaining about the seating position on the 796. I think the complaint was it put all the weight on your balls. Don't take it as given, but keep it in your mind when you take it for a spin.
  18. I think that complaint is largely with pillioning. Its fine when you're on your own but you wouldn't carry a passenger for extended durations

  19. So how did it go?
  20. Si I test rode a Ducati Monster 796 and the 2012 Monster 1100 Evo on Saturday.

    I fell in love with the 1100 Evo... bugger it's the most expensive bike!

    The 796 is a really nice bike, perfect for my size, 180cm. There is a but. I used to own a Street Triple and I think people would have more fun a on ST. The 796 does not really have any standout feature. It seems to do everything well but my ST was more zippy, more fun and possibly had more torque at low revs.

    However when it comes to the 1100... That bike is just superb. The double exaust in the side sounds amazing. You'd be happy with that for a while. No real need to by termis. The riding position is awesome, very comfortable. I felt like a better rider than I am. The bike is light and powerful - but whithout being scary. It has a lot of torque at low revs wich is perfect in the city. It feels very safe, good feeback through the forks. It's got traction control and ABS.

    I want one!

    Does anyone know the pros and cons of owning a Ducati like the Monster 1100? I wasn't going to go for a Litre bike but that one just feels right? It's so expensive though when you think that you can get a FZ1N for 14k...

    I need some help making a decision!