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Ducati wins Daytona, Moto-Guzzi Fifth

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Sounds unlikely?
    Yeah, well it was 1977, and they weren't exactly stock!
    Check out the results of Daytona 200 in 1977 when Cook Neilson, who was then editor of Cycle Magazine, won the Daytona on the legendary "California Hot-Rod" Ducati, and Mike Baldwin finished 5th on a Moto-Guzzi.
    Then check out some of the famous names in the results of the rest of the 1977 season; Eric Buell lurking in there, and Wes Cooley....
    Anyway, old days, but great racing....

  2. 1977 indeed.

    I was just starting Junior School, for Dog's sake!

    (I do remember getting a silver jubilee mug, wonder where it is now...?)
  3. I was married and only two years away from the birth of my darling daughter! And probably just about to sell the RD-250/350 and buy my first four-stroke, Yamaha XS-650D Twin. Nearly 30 years ago and it seems like only ..... nearly 30 years ago!!!
  4. 1977....my brain had only just recovered from 1967.
  5. c'mon inci, surely you remember Cook Neilson's Ducati? (I've been looking for a picture of it, but I can't find one....)
  6. I sure remember the 750SS that he, (and Hailwood) spawned, the only Ducati I ever coveted. Never got to ride one though.