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Ducati - Why do they sound so hot?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Lectre, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Some may think of this as a silly question, but does can anyone provide a reasonable explanation of why Dukes' sound so damn gnarly?
    The old ones with a single pipe, the new ones with double pipes, pipes under the seat, baffles in, baffles out, sitting at traffic lights idling, screaming past you at 200+kph... they just sound awesome...

  2. V-twin.
  3. yep

    just like my Spada!!!!
  4. Well what heppened was Ducati send an expedition into the jungles of africa to catch a magical pixie. After they completed their quest and returned home they used the pixie dust and sprinkle it into the engine as they build each bike. This is what gives them their great sound. :grin:

    Lectre, I would have to agree with you. Ducati's sounds sweet as, I only wish I could afford a 999 with Termi pipes.

    Still I am sure that with a sound like the one they have it would be a closely guarded secret. But mostly it would be to do with, bore, stroke, degree angle of the V and valve sizes. At least that's my guess.
  5. As expected, engine desighn similarities produce similar sounds.

    For example, my Z1300 is Kawasaki and still sounds like a Kawasaki though its engine was not desighned by Kawasaki. Desighned by a Porsche engineer, a totaly different engine that retained the same "head/valve/shim" set-up to still sound like a Kawasaki.

    So unless Ducati massively change thier engine configuration, thats sexy sound will live on.
  6. All motors sound great just before they blow up.
  7. Nope, its not a 'V' twin, its an 'L' twin. Dr Fabio Taglioni himself said so, and he should know, he designed it. It's an 'L' twin because the cylinders are at 90deg, with the front cylinder horizontal, and the rear vertical. It is this configuration that gives that unique Ducati note.
  8. LOL @ a spada being compaired to a Ducati. That's just hilarious.

    As Inci said it's an L twin (aka as a 90 degree V) and Ducati also run desmodronic valves which help give it the unique bark.
    My Firestorm also is a 90 degree V but sounds nothing like a Ducati largely due to the cam/valve setup.

    Many also have a dry clutch which give it the rattly sound.
  9. It is just as well they don't spend much time below 10kph because they sound like a rattling Datto 120Y on it's last legs when they are at idle.
  10. I have a good friend who owns a 'Beast' ... Ducati Multistrada 1000cc - Black...

    As well, he had some work done which makes the 'Beast' sound even more rugged and veerrry sexy.

    I just have to control my drooling when the 'Beast' kicks in, making me quite speechless .... :demon:

    I wonder if I can convert that beautiful Duke tone onto my Virago ??? :rofl:
  11. camchain and spring return valves create "pink" noise.

    So the sound you hear is pretty much the same sound if you put desmo valving on any 90 degree v-trin.

    "L-twin". What a wank. It's a 90 degree v-twin. No wonder there is so much wankery involved with Ducatis
  12. An interesting semantic question that one. A 'V' twin is called that because the cylinders form a 'V', like the letter of the alphabet, but the only way you could make a 'V' with Ducati cyclinders would be to remove the engine and tilt it backwards. If we are comparing cylinders to letters, then a Ducati forms an 'L' not a 'V'. It could, if it was fitted into the frame differently, but it isn't, so it doesn't. :p
  13. LOL....
    Some funny-a$$ comments in the replies :)
    Thanks all!
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Yeah, I've go an L-Twin on the hyosung :LOL: :LOL: Well, an italic L-Twin...

    For me ducati are all about that sweet sounding dry clutch rattle... :LOL:
  15. Bugger, you won't like mine then, I have a Vee Two Engineering modified clutch in mine, no rattle.....

  16. you could make it a V twin for sure, just pop a fat wheelie :)
  17. So what's the point then?? No rattle, not a duke. Sorry. :wink:
  18. Well the spada is 90 degrees as well..... just not quite as rotated as the Duc.

    of course it also has a geat deal less capacity!!! :)

    and why do Duc clutches rattle so much (other than they are dry)

    i heard lil's start up the other night and i swear it was chewing bearings by the sound of it :LOL:
  19. Nope, not at 75 degrees you don't.
  20. Ah, I've read about that one just recently. The sound was described as 'a chronic masturbator with a pocketful of change' :)